[VIDEO] Why Does Joe Biden Keep Shouting “AT HOME, AT HOME” During Speech?

[VIDEO] Why Does Joe Biden Keep Shouting “AT HOME, AT HOME” During Speech?

The Handlers dusted ol’ Joe off and sent him out in public again. Someone dug out the “Aviator” sunglasses and plastered those on his face as if that will make us all forget that he’s a real-life nursing patient pretending to be President of the United States. He looks like a disheveled mess, standing in the midst of a construction zone in Ohio, desperately trying to take credit for everything that’s going on. Too bad he didn’t have that attitude during Afghanistan, right? Biden was in Ohio for the official groundbreaking of Intel’s semiconductor factories in Licking County.

“Made in Ohio and made in America is not just a slogan. It’s happening, Biden said. This is ironic since he’s the king of globalism and has spent his career destroying the middle class. But hey, who am I to get in the way of another phony stump speech from Joe Biden?

However, I don’t know how successful of a speech it really was. Joe, as always, made a mess of things. At one point, he was trying to explain “construction” to the crowd, and he was all over the map.

Later, he was telling someone off camera about their “great legacy” and it appears he had no clue what this person had done to get the so-called “legacy” that he was speaking about.

And then, finally, he started rambling to the folks at home, I guess — he shouted “AT HOME” twice and then kinda trailed off.

Really inspiring stuff. 

You can watch the video below:

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Joe Biden is looking older, and frailer every time he’s dragged out of the White House bunker.

And why is he always yelling?

He looks tired, and completely over the whole thing. And trust me, the feeling is mutual.

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