[VIDEO] FEMA Official Tries to Stop Joe From Wandering Off in Wrong Direction… It Doesn’t Work

[VIDEO] FEMA Official Tries to Stop Joe From Wandering Off in Wrong Direction… It Doesn’t Work

It feels like Joe Biden has gotten so much worse over the past month, and especially these past couple of days have been really rough. He needs to go back to Delaware and get an IV filled with magic meds because he’s an absolute wreck. Yesterday, he was looking for a dead congresswoman in the crowd, calling out for her. The woman has been dead since August 3rd. When asked why he was doing that, KJP said Joe wasn’t “confused” he just had Jackie at the forefront of his mind.

Ha ha ha. Are you kidding me? Nobody on earth believes that nonsense, and for once, the press was relentless. They would not stop asking about it. And KJP was getting really annoyed. This is just another clue that Dems are starting “Operation Kick Joe to The Curb” early. Those internal midterm polls must look really bleak.

But Joe calling out for a dead lady is one of those dementia incidents that you can’t fluff off or look away from. When he shakes the air, thinking a phantom person is standing there, the left says “Oh, he was just waving…” but what do you say when Joe Biden is trying to communicate with the dead? It’s one of those moments that just can’t be explained away. It sits there, like a gigantic white dementia elephant in the room.

Then earlier today, Jill went into “nursemaid” mode, and actually helped a very confused-looking Joe find his way off yet another stage. It looked pathetic. Like a mom, helping a toddler… but nothing tops what happened today during a FEMA presser.

Again, Joe Biden can’t “exit” on his own anymore. So, when he went to leave the podium – not even a stage – he went the wrong way, and the FEMA official, tried to stop him, you can see how she goes to grab his elbow and pull him back, and even calls out “Mr. President…” but Joe doesn’t hear a thing, and just keeps shuffling into a sea of FEMA workers, who are sitting at their desks, looking at this guy like he’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

It’s an incredibly sad and infuriating scene to behold. Sad because this is elder abuse, infuriating because the American people deserve so much better than this confused buffoon.

You can watch the video below:

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ABC News reported on Joe’s visit to FEMA, but of course, said nothing about how confused he got.

Joe Biden on Thursday visited FEMA headquarters in Washington as search and rescue efforts were underway in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

Upon his arrival, Biden turned to FEMA personnel in the room and thanked them for their work during the historic storm.

Early assessments offer a devastating picture of the damage wreaked by the hurricane. Severe flooding and storm surges left people trapped in their homes, knocked out power to millions and destroyed at least two bridges in southwest Florida.

“This could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history,” Biden said. “Numbers are still unclear, but we’re hearing early reports of what may be substantial loss of life.”

The president said he’ll go to Florida once weather conditions allow to survey damage. He also said he intends to go to Puerto Rico, which was ravaged by Hurricane Fiona earlier this month.

“We’re continuing to see deadly rainfall, catastrophic storm surges, roads and homes flooded,” Biden said. “We’re seeing millions of people without power and thousands hunker down in schools and community centers. They’re wondering what’s going to be left, what’s gonna be left when they get to go home.”

Before his visit to FEMA, Biden approved a major disaster declaration for the state, making federal funding available to impacted individuals in nine counties: Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Pinellas and Sarasota.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Watch the FEMA Administrator reach for his elbow when he starts wandering off. They all know what’s going on.”

“Guy has a 50/50 shot at which way to go and gets it wrong EVERY time! “

“They are going to have people standing on both sides of him going forward.”

“Mayorkas looked right at the handlers and was like WTF?”

“Imagine what is going on behind the scenes at the White House.”

“Pretty soon FEMA is gonna need a search and rescue for POTUS “

“Congrats to those that did NOT clap for this fool.”

“they go after him before he inappropriately starts to sniff people”

“They are thinking , shoot go grab him before someone asks him a question”

Shame on Jill Biden for allowing this to go on. What a wretched, power-crazed witch she is.

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