[VIDEO] Biden Struggles to Get His Words Out During His Weird “Inflation Celebration” WH Event

[VIDEO] Biden Struggles to Get His Words Out During His Weird “Inflation Celebration” WH Event

Yesterday, Joe Biden made one of the dumbest moves since his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. After receiving a terrible inflation report, that showed food and other necessities are going much higher than expected, the stock market crashed by 1000 points, and interest rates rose to 6.28%. So, what did Joe Biden do? Well, he decided to throw a “celebration party” and pretend that his “inflation reduction act” actually worked, and we were now back on track. It was bizarre beyond belief. They even got hippy musician James Taylor and threw a televised celebration event at the White House.

It’s almost unbelievable, but yes, it happened.

What were Joe and his idiotic team thinking by hosting this insulting “celebration?”

My God, it was an absolutely horrible report. The entire DOW crashed because of it.

This is basically what happened:

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So, it’s only fitting that karma showed up, and turned Joe’s celebration into a nightmare, right? Clearly, he was not having a good “dementia” day. He was really, really off his game. At one point, he was screaming and yelling and shaking his clenched fist to the heavens, and then another time, he couldn’t pronounce simple words.

I have two videos below for you. The one where Biden is screaming and yelling, and shaking his fist, and the other, where he struggles to speak.

Not sure which is worse, to be honest.

You can watch the video below:

It serves him right, for mocking and insulting hard-working Americans, by celebrating higher prices to score some political points.

There’s a special place in hell for old-school sleazeball politicians like Joe Biden.

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