The Picture From HELL: One Photo From Joe’s Bizarre Speech Comes Back to Haunt Him

The Picture From HELL: One Photo From Joe’s Bizarre Speech Comes Back to Haunt Him

Joe Biden’s “Soul of The Nation” speech was a disaster. Not only from an optics standpoint, but the actual speech itself was just horrific, top to bottom. But let’s focus on the optics here, because there is so much to unpack. First off, what were his Handlers thinking when they decide to bathe Joe in a dark, red light, with two shadowy flags behind him, and soldiers flanked on each side? My God, it was like a combo of Hell and Hitler.

I mean, does this look like “Americana” to you? No. It looks like something out of the Third Reich. Why in God’s name are the Marines there?


And speaking of “hell” there’s one photo from hell, that is literally haunting Joe Biden right now, that sets the entire mood and vibe for this crazy, weird, Nazi-like speech.

Here’s the photo:

And the memes are flying fast and furious, as you can imagine:


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Here’s what people are saying:

“What is with the Nazi aesthetic?” 

“What’s scarier is the left is celebrating this.”

“I listened to the speech last night, I didn’t watch it. I thought people were exaggerating how aggressive Biden was being. It was typical Biden campaigning; maybe a bit more than “They want to put you back in chains.” This morning I saw the red + military back up. I get it now.”

“Time to learn Chinese.”

“Mmmm. Hail Caesar, I guess?”

I guess Obama was right… Joe Biden can f**k up anything.

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