New Theories Emerge About Biden’s Strange-Looking Hand Spotted in Recent WH Photo

New Theories Emerge About Biden’s Strange-Looking Hand Spotted in Recent WH Photo

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a strange photo of Joe Biden’s hands. Back during the 2020 campaign, many believe he was spotted with IV marks on the top of his hand. This is what prompted President Trump to call for drug testing before the debates. He (and most of us) were convinced that Joe was getting pumped full of some medical cocktail before he took the stage. And it’s crazy when you look back to Joe in 2020, he sounded bad, he looked lost, confused, and was speaking “gibberish” — back then they called it a “childhood stutter.” But if you compare the 2020 Joe to the 2022 Joe, the 2020 Joe looks and sounds like a mentally fit wordsmith. This man has cratered a lot in just two years.

Here’s the photo of Joe’s hand back in September of 2020. Many people thought this looked like a poke for an IV:

So, Joe’s hands have been a source of mystery for a while now. But there’s a recent photo of Joe signing papers, in what looks like the Oval Office, and on one of his hands is a massive bruise. Take a look:

This photo has a lot of people wondering what the heck is going on.

Now, we know as you get older, your skin gets thinner and you can bruise more easily – and as we all know, Joe is no spring chicken, that’s for sure. But many others think it’s something much more serious than that.

Let’s face it, Biden’s medical history is the real mystery here. We know he had brain surgery when he was a younger man, and that has to have impacted him somehow today and could be the reason for his mental issues. But we can’t get any “cognitive” info on Biden. If you ask me, I don’t think what the public sees from these doctors is accurate, anyway. I think it’s just enough to pacify us, and used as a marketing tool for the media.

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So, what could be causing that massive bruising on Biden’s hand? As I said before, it could be an “age” thing. Senile purpura is benign, easy bruising that affects older adults. It’s sometimes called actinic purpura. This occurs because the skin and the blood vessels become more fragile as we age, making it easier for our skin to bruise from minor trauma.

But some speculate that Biden is a fall risk. And that doesn’t seem such a wild theory, since we saw him fall UP the stairs of Air Force One, and he’s also stumbled up them, and then he fell off a stationary bicycle. The guy doesn’t seem very steady on his feet. And that bruise could absolutely come from a fall. In some cases after an injury, blood collects and pools under the skin (hematoma). This gives the skin a spongy, rubbery, lumpy feel. A regular bruise is more spread out. It may not feel like a firm lump. A hematoma usually isn’t a cause for concern. It’s not the same thing as a blood clot in a vein. And it doesn’t cause blood clots.

Seniors experience physical changes as they age. Aging skin bruises easily, which can be sensitive and painful. Bruises, also called contusions, occur when trauma damages or ruptures tiny blood vessels beneath the skin. In most cases, elderly skin bruising is the result of an injury, a fall, or a collision. Some types of elderly skin bruising are harmless, but others can indicate a more serious problem.

But what about the IV theory? That could be a reason for bruising as well. Especially if he was getting an IV on his hand, as we saw in the earlier photo, or in his wrist.

Many suspect that the reason Joe Biden goes to Delaware so often is to get medical treatments, including IVs filled with special medical cocktails to help him function better. That doesn’t seem like a wild theory, considering we see Joe have mildly terrible days one minute and wildly terrible days another. There’s little to no consistency when it comes to Joe’s mental health.

Many believe that the bruise is from a medical cannula. A cannula is a thin tube that doctors insert into a person’s body cavity, such as their nose, or into a vein. Doctors use them to drain fluid, administer medication, or provide oxygen. A person can use intravenous (IV) and nasal cannulas both in the hospital or at home.

There are two main types of cannula:

IV cannulas: IV cannulas consist of short, flexible tubing doctors place into a vein.
Nasal cannulas: Nasal cannulas consist of flexible tubing that sits inside the nostrils and delivers oxygen.

The Queen had that procedure just before she died.

So, what do you think about this photo of Joe? Why do you think his hand is so bruised?

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