Wow. Did Joe Biden Just Throw In The Towel On Midterms?

Wow. Did Joe Biden Just Throw In The Towel On Midterms?

For the longest, while now, we’ve been listening to Joe Biden and the media claim there has been some big “comeback” for Dems in the 2022 midterms. They based it all around abortion, thinking that issue would bring out average Americans in droves, while half the country can’t pay their skyrocketing grocery bills without taking out a loan. Just the other day, I kid you not, I paid 6 bucks for a container of yogurt. This same container, I would pay maybe 3+ bucks for in the not-so-distant past. I nearly fell off my chair. What the hell is going on, and how on earth can we sustain this?

The answer is we can’t sustain this and that’s why things need to change, and the American people know that. And this is why “abortion” is not the hotbed election issue that Dems wish it could be. As a matter of fact, the border has actually overtaken “abortion” as an issue of concern for voters. But the economy and inflation remain at the top of the list, understandably.

Joe Biden also thought if he demonized MAGA and “Republican extremists,” he could energize his base with fear to get out and vote. He wanted to scare them into thinking they’d end up in a “semi-fascist” Handmaid’s tale lifestyle. That’s the type of absurd image Biden paints for his people, and they’re such zombies, they believe it. The left went through 4 prosperous years with Trump, and no woman that I saw, turned into an indentured “religious” servant. Polling shows that Biden’s attacks on MAGA were a massive flop. Actually, more Americans are concerned about the radical left than they are about MAGA.

And of course, the media and the corporate pollsters did their usual “pre-election” game, where they made it seem like everything was tightening up and the Republicans had lost ground and Dems were making a major comeback. It’s all horseshit (pardon my French). I did an article the other day on how a popular left-leaning pollster told Dems that comeback polls they’re sharing are likely all wrong. Gee, ya think? Honestly, what on earth have Dems done to earn a “comeback?” That horrific “Anti-Inflation” nonsense they passed? Inflation is actually higher now, and Joe Biden celebrated that in the Rose Garden, like a blithering idiot.

So, with all that said, has Joe finally come to terms with the fact that Dems are screwed and a massive Red Wave is about to crash on his head?

Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. Breitbart reported that Joe Biden continues trumpeting his agenda on the fundraising circuit even as he quietly prepares his supporters for a Republican takeover.

“If we lose control of the House and Senate, we have a different world,” Biden told supporters in New York City on Wednesday. “I’ll be spending all my time with the veto pen, but it won’t be a lot of initiatives.”

During his fundraising trip through New York City, the president spoke to donors about “enormous, enormous, enormous opportunity” in the next few years of his presidency, but he is also setting the stage to hold his ground against a new Republican majority.

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At a fundraiser in Boston earlier in September, Biden reminded his supporters that the party of every modern president, save one, lost the majority midterm election within the first two years of their presidency.

“Remember Barack? We lost 60-some vote — we lost 60-some House members, et cetera,” he said, recalling the 63 house seats lost by Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections and the loss of six seats in the United States Senate.

(The one exception is when Republicans under George W. Bush gained eight seats in 2002 and gained one senate seat in the first two years of his presidency.)

“We’re up this — this election is going to be tight — very tight,” Biden warned during a New York City fundraiser on Thursday.

“And if we lose the House and the Senate, it changes the trajectory of much of what we do.”

He boasted however of his successful two years as president, noting he got “85 percent” done of what he wanted to do…and ironically, the American people approve of none of it.

It won’t be tight, and Joe knows that, but hey, he’s got to save a little face, I suppose.

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