Are You Sitting Down? Look At This Biden “Vacation Graph” You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Are You Sitting Down? Look At This Biden “Vacation Graph” You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Joe Biden’s vacations are piling up so high that the American people are really taking notice. The guy is hardly at the White House for any moderate stretch of time, he’s always heading back to Delaware to hit the beach or hit the pavement on his bike. So, what gives? Why is Joe gone so often? Many people have a theory about this… they think Joe is going back home because he doesn’t have to share a list of who comes and goes to his house, and he’s getting secret medical treatments.

It’s not a wild conspiracy theory, that’s for sure. Also, a lot of folks think Joe has a raging case of dementia, and as with many dementia patients, he prefers the familiar surrounding of home. We’ve heard the stories of Joe “wandering” around the White House, and staff having to rescue him, and help him get to where he needs to be. It’s probably a very overwhelming place for him at this stage of his mental challenges and perhaps that’s why he’s gone so much.

You can get a feel for how much he’s away from the White House from this chart.

It breaks down Joe’s vacations month by month:


That graph is really eye-opening, and I think that type of vacation schedule shows a man in a medical crisis of some kind.

And speaking of vacations, Biden jetted off on yet another one last week.

That’s right, he left DC to once again head to his vacation home on the beach. You can see him below, shuffling to the plane.

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“This is a good thing. Less time spent messing things up.”

“I’d rather him be on vacation than embarrassing the country” 

“Not surprising for a geriatric, feeble person who hangs on to his title.”

“How much higher would those percentages be, if they included nap time?”

“I think his approval rating jump in Aug 2022 – the month with the highest vacation % No one wants to see him”

“That’s almost as many vacation days that I took in 25 years on my job …. Then again I had a real job …”

“Consider this…. imagine if he wasn’t on vacation how much worse things would be.” 

“I wish he would take more days off.”

“It’s ok. Whoever is actually running the country is still working.”

That last comment is the best one because it’s so true.

The people really running the show, never take a break, unfortunately.

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