[VIDEO] At One Point Kamala Looks Down Nervously, Knowing She’s in the “Word Salad Weeds” With Aussie PM

[VIDEO] At One Point Kamala Looks Down Nervously, Knowing She’s in the “Word Salad Weeds” With Aussie PM

Well, folks, Kamala is at it again. She’s overseas and tossing world-word salads all over the place. This time, she’s humiliating the country over in Japan, with the Prime Minister of Australia. Tha’s right, Kamala has no bloody clue what she’s talking about, so she’s speaking in circles again, and making absolutely no sense whatsoever. This is nothing new, we hear “word salads” from Kamala about as much as we hear bumbling and confused speeches from Joe Biden… so all the time.

But honestly, what has gone wrong with Kamla? According to the very liberal BBC, she’s been a victim of many bad circumstances. They said, according to a November survey by USA Today, Ms Harris’ public approval rating sat at 28%, making her one of the least popular vice-presidents in modern history – lower than Iraq War architect Dick Cheney, who was reviled by Democrats.
If there was one moment that truly set off the spate of “what’s wrong with Kamala Harris” stories that dominated the latter half of 2021, it was that “comically bad” poll, as the San Francisco Chronicle put it. The poll effectively framed the conversation about the vice-president as one of struggle and disappointment.

Since taking office, Ms Harris has been tasked with two high-profile assignments. The first is to address the root causes of undocumented migration into the US from Central American countries. The number of immigrants crossing into the US from the “Northern Triangle” of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras surged during the first year of the Biden presidency, and the administration was looking for ways to stem the flow while reversing some of the more draconian policies of the Trump administration.
The job as described was daunting, but manageable. Mr Biden served a similar role as vice-president in the Obama administration.
But some characterised her responsibilities to include the entirety of immigration and border security – a challenge decades in the making and one that, in all likelihood, will take decades to solve.

Vice presidents are often viewed as political heirs to the presidents they serve, and such a conclusion is practically unavoidable when that president will be 82 at the end of his first term.

Okay, well that’s all very nice, BBC, but the reality is this:

Kamala Harris is an unbelievable dumbbell. I am sorry, but that’s the truth. She has no personality, except for that cackle, which sounds like a mental illness, and she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Her communication skills are high school level *at best* and she seems ill-prepared on every topic she speaks on. And when she speaks, it sounds like she’s giving a report on a book she didn’t read.

It’s painful, and it’s become known as the “word salad,” and she’s doing it yet again when speaking with the Prime Minister of Australia. At one point, Kamala appears to know she’s getting into the word salad weeds, and she looks down nervpusly.

What a mess.

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I know this is going way back, but I miss when SNL would take stuff like this and show the guy she is talking to and then you hear his thoughts while she keeps rambling. That stuff was gold. I would love to see that sketch here and hear what the dude is really thinking. The possibilities remain for comic gold.”

“She is in love with her own voice. The rest of us are repulsed by it” 

“can hear the Aussies laughter as I type.”

“How many more countries is this administration going to embarrass us in?”

“Another word salad to world leaders !!”

but it is significant that we are here together in Tokyo in that we also share a common goal and Bond as it relates to our dedication to” Oh my lord lol” 

“She prattles on as if she’s confident that she won’t say a damn anything.”

“She tries to fit as many words into simple sentences to try to sound intelligent but all it does is make the listener realize she has no clue so she rambles to attempt to confuse”

“what the fk did she just say? lots of words to say nothing at all. as usual.”

“This is embarrassing, why is she so stupid?” 

There is a very good reason why Kamala had to leave the Dem primary so early. She was forced out even before that goofy math nerd Andrew Yang.

Nobody on the left liked her either. She was cold, had all the liability of a rabid wolverine, and was not knowledgeable on issues. So, it’s anybody’s guess why Joe Biden thought she’d be great for the job. Unless, he was picking someone clearly worse off than him, so he wouldn’t have to compete with someone brighter and more likable.

Given his current situation, mentally speaking, I’d say that’s a pretty solid theory.

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