Looks Like Kate Will Make Out Like a Bandit After Queen’s Death, And Meghan Will Get Nothing

Looks Like Kate Will Make Out Like a Bandit After Queen’s Death, And Meghan Will Get Nothing

You reap what you sow, right? That’s how the old saying goes, and it’s a life lesson that Meghan Markle is about to learn the hard and embarrassing way after the death of Queen Elizabeth. It’s no secret that the Royals are not big fans of Meghan. In her last days on this earth, Queen Elizabeth was reported to have said she knew what Meghan was up to, and it wasn’t about “Hollywood.” Meghan wants to be a politician and worm her way into the White House, and she’ll use Harry to do it.

So, it’s not a shock that the Queen would opt not to leave Meghan much of anything from her $110 million dollar jewelry collection. Knowing Meghan, she’d probably sell it on her podcast.

Radar Online reported that Queen Elizabeth had her favorite in-law, and it wasn’t Meghan Markle or her successor, newly appointed Queen Camilla. RadarOnline.com can reveal that Elizabeth was rumored to have made changes to her will before her death, and it’s likely to fall in Kate Middleton’s favor.

Prince William’s wife is expected to inherit the late monarch’s pricey jewelry collection — set to be worth a whopping $110 million. The 300 personal pieces belong to the Queen and not the Crown, an important distinction.

In July, sources told RadarOnline.com, “She’s been focusing on her beloved pieces and who deserves what.

“The whispers are that she’s made some last-minute changes to her will that’ll be a shocking surprise for her heirs.”

This outlet is now told that Middleton is likely to reap the benefits — a decision that’s expected to ruffle some royal feathers.

“Kate is clearly the family favorite,” an insider spilled to RadarOnline.com, adding the move will likely trigger Camilla, Meghan, and their significant others, King Charles and Prince Harry.

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We’re told that Camilla, who has been crowned Queen Consort with Elizabeth’s blessing, has always been secretly jealous of Middleton’s bond with the late Queen.

“She’d never say it, of course,” said the source, “but it’s one of the reasons Camilla resented Kate.”

Camilla isn’t alone. RadarOnline.com is told Meghan and her daughter, Lilibet, are expected to get the royal shaft. “There’s a very good chance the Queen won’t leave either of them any jewels of value,” the pal revealed.

“It’s not surprising, since they’re not members of the royal family anymore,” the insider continued, “but it would be a real slap in the face.” When it comes to the Queen’s jewels, we’re told Kate and William are “not worried” because they knew where they stood with Elizabeth.

While Kate’s likely to pass some of the jewels on to her daughter, Princess Charlotte, she and William “really don’t want Lilibet to be left out.”

“As for Meghan, she’s not their concern,” scoffed the royal insider.


Well, maybe Meghan shouldn’t have thrown the Royal family under the bus every chance she got.

Some discretion and privacy would have probably been a better way to work out issues, but then Meghan wouldn’t get her PR moments in the spotlight, would she?

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