King Charles Wants Meghan Markle’s Podcast Canceled… Now

King Charles Wants Meghan Markle’s Podcast Canceled… Now

The Royals are worried about Meghan again, and can you blame them? It’s like every time she’s around them, it’s a secret “search and destroy” mission. It’s like she gathers her info, and then when she’s back in the safety of her California mansion, she throws everyone under the bus. Well, that’s what the Royals appear to expect, although they’re trying to do what they can right now to prevent the inevitable from unfolding. And it looks like King Charles is taking some pretty drastic steps…

OK! Magazine reported that in the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, Meghan Markle has pressed pause when it comes to releasing new episodes of her podcast “Archetypes” — but King Charles fears that as soon as it resumes, the mother-of-two will start blabbing about the matriarch, her funeral and more.

“King Charles has been apprised about Meghan’s podcast, and the prospect of a new episode could be the first interview that any member of the royal family makes after Queen Elizabeth’s passing,” a source shared.

“It’s the last thing The King needs to be thinking about, at this time, but make no mistake, it’s a very serious problem,” the insider continued. “The King does not want the Duchess of Sussex discussing anything about the family’s interactions or events surrounding this very solemn occasion.”

Needless to say, Charles, 73, nor any member of the monarchy, had been happy about the Suits alum, 41, launching the audio venture, which is why the new ruler is reportedly asking Prince Harry to “convince Meghan to end the podcast once and for all.”

Given the Duchess of Sussex’s pension for chatting on TV and in magazine, Charles fears that Harry, 37, won’t be able to get through to her, but he’s still holding out hope.

The Royals are painfully private, and while the Queen’s funeral is public, it’s “controlled.” What Charles doesn’t want, is the “behind the scenes” stuff blabbered out for the world to hear. But I don’t think he’ll get the podcast canceled, and honestly,

I’d be surprised if Meghan didn’t mention some behind-the-scenes tidbits about the funeral.

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Remember, everything is about her, and whatever PR she can muster up.

However, don’t be fooled. There’s not a whole lotta love lost for Charles, either.


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Charles should do what Queen Elizabeth was thinking of doing right before she died… strip Harry and Meghan of their titles.

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Charlene Greenway
4 months ago

Harry doesn’t have any control in my opinion, it’s all about her and he’s just someone she uses to get what she wants. I don’t feel sorry for him, he’s getting what he deserves for giving in to her all the time.

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