Here’s The Photo of William and Kate That Should Have King Charles Very Worried

Here’s The Photo of William and Kate That Should Have King Charles Very Worried

The reign of King Charles has gotten off to a really rocky start. And it’s pretty much all his fault. Charles has a very well-known reputation for being a very hard person to deal with, who is rude to staff and has a bad temper. Well, we believe those rumors now, especially after watching him throw not one, but two temper tantrums in less than a week. Charles is thought of as the “spoiled prince.” A sort of “man-child” whose been spoon-fed his entire life. The epitome of an elitist.

And you’re likely sitting there saying, “Well, duh, Missy, he’s a royal…” and that’s precisely the point. Royals, while pampered and elite, are trained to never show that in public. They’re supposed to look and act like humble servants of the people…true or not. That’s what they’re supposed to do.

But besides his own bad actions, King Charles has even bigger problems to deal with, and they’re coming from his eldest son and his wife, Kate… and there’s a photo of the two of them that has to be a keeping Charles up at night.

The popularity of Prince William and Princess Kate cannot be overstated. They are beloved by the masses. Western Journal reported that Royal expert Daniela Elser put the moment in perspective for readers in a Friday column published at

“Let me be clear here,” Elser wrote. “This is rural Norfolk we are talking about, [111 miles] away from the capital, not Windsor which is just outside central London. The closest train station, Kings Lynn, is still a roughly 40-minute bus ride away from the [20,000-acre] royal estate.

“These people, from schoolchildren to pensioners, had managed to get themselves to the middle of nowhere to pay their respects and to catch a glimpse of the newbie Waleses.

“If ever there was a moment that should make Charles choke on his afternoon fruitcake, it’s this.”

Here’s the photo… and that’s only part of the crowd. It was massive.

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That looks like the type of crow President Trump pulls in, to be honest.

Elser is not the only one who has noticed that the young Waleses are far more popular than the new king.

Conor Friedersdorf broached the subject in a Thursday article for The Atlantic, and he got right down to business: “If he lives as long as his mother did, he could spend more than two decades as monarch.

“But a more consequential use of Charles’s reign would be to rule briefly and abdicate at 75 — the age when British judges are compelled to retire from the bench — while touting the importance of passing the throne to Prince William in his son’s prime rather than his dotage.”

Such a move could be viewed, Friedersdorf said, as “a royal rebuke to the international trend toward gerontocracy, whereby leaders delay handing off power to the next generation long past what serves the public good.”

William and Kate have pull. These two are young and fresh, and media savvy. This is who the Brits want sitting on the throne, not some stodgy old spoiled pampered King with a bad temper.

Charles should spend a few years fulfilling his ego, and then step down and let his son take over.

The world is starting to get sick and tired of these elderly entitled elites who can’t let go of power. I know we have a. lot of that going on in DC.

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