[VIDEO] KJP Now Claims Joe Biden Has Created “Ten Thousand Million” Jobs LOL

[VIDEO]  KJP Now Claims Joe Biden Has Created “Ten Thousand Million” Jobs LOL

KJP is a woman who is in WAY over her head, and the only reason they haven’t fired her is that they’d get so much backlash and butt-hurt if they did. She’s the “first” of so many things, I can hardly keep track. The first black woman press secretary, first lesbian press secretary, and just being a “woman” nowadays earns you 10 trophies and a lifetime achievement award for some odd reason. But regardless of all of her “firsts,” she’s just a woman who is not good at her job. It’s really that simple. KJP lies, but she isn’t very good at it. Jen Psaki was good at it, she’s like a sociopath, I guess the good news is that KJP probably has some semblance of a conscience and that’s why she can’t lie like a serial killer.

But she flubs up a lot at her job. So much so, that she’s giving off Kamala/Joe vibes. She’s always being surprised, unable to answer questions, and just giving these absolutely absurd responses that can be fact-checked in like .2 seconds.

But her job is to sit there and make the Biden admin look “good,” and while nobody can actually do that, they can at least try to stop the hemorrhaging, but KJP is even finding that difficult.

Like her boss, she can’t seem to get her words out right. While trying to tout Biden as the great “job creator,” KJP announced that Joe has created “Ten Thousand Million” jobs. WOW. What a number, eh??

Obviously, that makes no sense, at all.


It’s also fair to note that Joe Biden isn’t a “job creator.”

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These are jobs still coming back after the pandemic, but most of his supporters are too low-info to realize that.

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