House Passed Cheney’s “Trojan Horse Elections Bill,” Allowing Dems to Takeover Voting For 5 Days AFTER The Election

House Passed Cheney’s “Trojan Horse Elections Bill,” Allowing Dems to Takeover Voting For 5 Days AFTER The Election

I dunno, has Liz Cheney ever worked as hard for Republicans as she is for Democrats? I don’t think so. This woman is putting in blood, sweat, and tears to push the left’s communist agenda through. My gosh, she even lost her job over it. But that hasn’t stopped her. Now, she’s really going deep, knowing she only has a limited amount of time left in the House. So, Liz is doing whatever she can to make damn sure Democrats can cheat their way to victory after victory.

And that’s where her new “election bill” comes into play. It’s a doozy, and the House just passed it. Among many trojan horses in this bill, is one special little gem that Dems will use to their advantage in ways I can’t even imagine right now. It’s the “catastrophic event” clause. Wait until you hear this one… The bill says that voting can be extended for 5 days after a “catastrophic event.”

This is alarming for so many reasons, as you can imagine…but the first scary thought that springs to mind is this: Dear God, what “catastrophic events” will the Dems unleash this time?

Besides the fact, that anything and everything will suddenly become a “catastrophic event.”

And trust me when I say this — “Climate Change” will be one of their “catastrophic events.” You can quote me on that.

The Federalist reports that the House of Representatives passed legislation on Wednesday to overhaul the 1887 Electoral Count Act and re-write election rules to benefit Democrats in presidential contests.

The bill, proposed by GOP Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat from California who is under Cheney on the Jan. 6 Committee, reforms the 135-year-old law to narrow the grounds for objections to presidential electors and open the door to late-day voting.

Cheney’s “Presidential Election Reform Act” became the Democrats’ answer to their failed effort to override state election laws in H.R. 1, which Senate Republicans blocked last summer. The legislation carries some of the same provisions of the doomed election bill at the top of Democrats’ congressional agenda. Just nine Republicans supported the bill, all but one of whom supported President Donald Trump’s second impeachment and are either retiring or have lost their primaries.

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New York Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney, who co-chairs the Election Integrity Caucus, condemned the bill as “the latest attempt from House Democrats to stack the democratic process in their favor” and complained that the proposal did not go through the proper legislative process. The text was only released days before the Wednesday vote and received no bipartisan hearing or markup in committee.

“It is nothing more than a partisan messaging bill intended to score cheap political points weeks before an election,” Tenney said in a press release outlining the legislation’s flaws.

“The bill broadly defines a ‘catastrophic event,’ which could be used to extend balloting for up to five days after the polls close in a presidential election,” Tenney said. “It also tramples on the core principle of state sovereignty and directly contradicts the United States Constitution. The legislation also creates broad private rights of action in a backdoor to empower Democrat election lawyers and partisan operatives.”

Rep Rodney Davis from Illinois put it best when he said this about Dems: “They have allowed their dislike for one man, President Trump, to cloud their judgment and guide their actions — no matter the consequences to this institution or the Constitution that they claim to want to uphold.”

He’s right. That’s what this all boils down to… Stage 5 TDS. It’s probably one of the most dangerous diseases we have in this country right now because it causes complete and total irrational thinking and actions.

These swamp rats are so terrified that President Trump will get back in office, they’re literally twisting themselves into a pretzel to come up with ways to jump in and stop it. So much for the will of the American people, right?

Our voting system was just fine. It didn’t need all this tinkering and tweaking and sweeping changes. The only things we really need are voter ID and clean voter rolls. But those are two issues that Dems have zero interest in… and I am sure you can figure out why.

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