[VIDEO] Martha’s Vineyard Residents Bid a VERY Cheerful Goodbye As Migrants Are Bussed Off The Island

[VIDEO] Martha’s Vineyard Residents Bid a VERY Cheerful Goodbye As Migrants Are Bussed Off The Island

Liberals are a real piece of work. These rich elites are patting themselves on the back for “tirelessly working” to take care of 50 migrants for like 14 hours and then shipping them off to some barbed-wire naval base, even though they actually wanted to stay on the island. Snooty liberals actually think this is “charity.” Meanwhile, they have hotels that are empty, sprawling mansions all over the island, and tons of residents who make 6 figures, yet we’re told they didn’t have “resources” to help?

Hogwash. They have more “resources” than working-class border towns do, and the only reason they wanted the migrants out of there, is because they don’t want “those people” sullying up their posh liberal utopia.

So, yeah, they’ll cheer and cry when they leave, but it’s not because they wish they could stay, they’re doing it because they’re glad they’re going… and these people think they’re “tolerant and loving.”

They’re not. 

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Those super ultra mega Martha Vinyard extremist are the problem in this country”

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“God, these people are disgusting. They don’t even realize how racist and elite they look” 

“Goodbye! Goodbye brown people!” “Wow. We are really heroes.”

“Just maybe Martha’s vineyard residents were doing what was best for the immigrants seeing how climate change was going to wipe away their island in a couple of years”

“Worked around the clock” – they were there for 14 hours.”

“Look how pretentious, they really beleive they are better than everyone, like they did something so great, wasn’t even 24 hours someone was on the phone ringing the National Guard, hypocrites”

“They should get a plane load of 50 new illegals every 6 hours and then they might start to understand border towns”

“Are these ppl “so happy” about themselves because they so humanly & lovingly shipped out a bunch of brown ppl from their island paradise? I hope they throw themselves a huge party to honor their philanthropy”

This looks so bad for elite Democrats on Martha’s Vineyard, but they’re too out of touch and narcissistic to realize it.

They basically fed these illegals a can of beans and stuffed them on a bus.

“Wow, we’re so amazing.”

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