[VIDEO] They’re Not All Bad, Martha’s Vineyard Residents Thank DeSantis For Starting The “Conversation”

[VIDEO] They’re Not All Bad, Martha’s Vineyard Residents Thank DeSantis For Starting The “Conversation”

Well, not every resident on Martha’s Vineyard is a liberal hypocrite. As we’ve told you, 80 percent of the island voted for Joe Biden, so obviously, a very large portion of the population are liberals. But even so, there are a few good sensible eggs on MV, and they’re speaking out right now about what happened with the 50 migrants, and what they’re saying is 100 percent pure common sense. Fox News traveled to the Vineyard to speak to two residents who both agreed that what Ron DeSantis did was much needed.

Both of the residents say what’s happening at the border is a disaster and what better way to get the administration’s attention and media coverage than to send migrants to Martha’s Vineyard? They look at it as more a “cry for help” than a stunt. And the one man who was interviewed also showed compassion for those Texas border towns that are getting hammered by the influx of migrants. MV nearly collapsed in on itself with 5o migrants, and they’re a filthy rich island with (empty) sprawling mansions. These border towns are working class, and they don’t have much, so the flood of people hurts them deeply when they’re getting 400 per day.

I love the woman they interviewed, she tore into Kamala, the so-called “border czar”… what a joke.

What DeSantis did showed how the elites talk a good game about wanting to support refugees, but when faced with integrating them into their community, they were on the phone calling buses to get them the hell outta dodge.

Nice “sanctuary.”

Take a look at these two videos, I think they will change your perspective — at least somewhat — about the folks who live on Martha’s Vineyard.

Both of them made perfect sense. If only everyone on the island had this much common sense, the world (and Martha’s Vineyard) would be a much better, and more loving place.

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