[VIDEO] Dems Are Comparing Martha’s Vineyard “Migrant Situation” to The Holocaust. Really? Roll Tape!

[VIDEO] Dems Are Comparing Martha’s Vineyard “Migrant Situation” to The Holocaust. Really? Roll Tape!

Man, you send a few illegal immigrants to a posh white liberal island, and you really see how these people actually feel, and it isn’t pretty. The elitist progressives want “diversity” for everyone else, but not for themselves. It’s fine for lower and middle-class communities to be flooded with illegal migrants — according to liberals, that’s where they belong, under a freeway overpass — but it’s absolutely not okay to bring that filth to the upper-class neighborhoods… and if you do that, it’s just like the Holocaust, apparently.

I kid you not, these lilly-white liberal elites are literally having a “brown-paper-bag-hyperventilating-meltdown” over 51 illegal migrants being sent to their exclusive wealthy island.

And yes, they’re comparing it to one of the worst events in human history.

The Holocaust… and of course, this happened on CNN.

So much for trying to turn things around over there…


So, is what Governor DeSantis did, by sending 51 illegal immigrants to a lovely, rich, safe island on a charter flight just like the Holocaust?

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Let’s roll tape and see just how awful that move really was, shall we?



Here’s what people online are saying:

“So it’s really cruel and inhumane to send them to live with rich folks. lmao” 

“Um, wasn’t the Biden moving immigrants further into the country also?” 

“Do they even hear their own words? It makes no sense.”

“So what the difference if they get on a bus got to another state or stay in Texas they still don’t know anyone”

“Yes they will have to deal with all the rich snooty people in Martha’s Vineyard. That will be their biggest hardship there.”

“Cruel… for the virtue signaling well-to-dos who, if this “humanitarian crisis” continues, will quickly reach the limits of their deep well of compassion. Don’t make them have to see themselves! “

“These loving liberals already told them they can’t stay LOL” 

“They’re driven to a place they do not know.” I agree. They should be driven to a place they know well – their countries of origin. It’s the humane thing to do.”

“This is a no-win argument for liberals. They should just shut up and take the L and the migrants lol” 

I don’t know about you, but I’d love a free charter flight to Martha’s Vineyard. That’s a bucket-list type of thing.

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