[VIDEO] Yikes: Telemundo Reporter Reveals What Martha’s Vineyard Residents Said Privately About Migrants

[VIDEO] Yikes: Telemundo Reporter Reveals What Martha’s Vineyard Residents Said Privately About Migrants

I will say this… as much as I don’t like the idea of using tax dollars to move these illegal immigrants anywhere but back to their homes, DeSantis and Abbott did score some major victories with their new plans of sending illegals to DC, Chicago, New York, and of course, Martha’s Vineyard. Not only has it helped expose Biden’s massive and unprecedented border crisis, but that Martha’s Vineyard situation literally RIPPED the mask off the faces of rich, white liberals and exposed them for the scumbag, racist elites we’ve always known they were.

The migrants have already been booted off the island. Trust me, those rich white liberals wanted NOTHING to do with “housing” migrants on an island that is 80 percent white, and also voted 80 percent for Joe Biden.

See a pattern there? 

They’ll walk the walk, and put signs in their front yards about “refugees” and “BLM” but when it comes to actually living next to “migrant filth,” no way. It ain’t happenin’. There’s no room at the sprawling mansions for any of those “brown” people unless they’re scrubbing toilets or mowing the lawn.

It exposed these elitist liberals in a way they never wanted to be exposed.

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And now, we’re hearing from a Telemundo reporter that in private, Martha’s Vineyard citizens told her they were not thrilled at the idea of “migrants” on their island.

You can watch the video below:

Never be fooled, Democrats are the most intolerant, racist people on the planet… and this incident in Martha’s Vineyard proves it.

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