The Media Won’t Talk About Ashley’s Diary, So Conservatives Found a New Way to Get The Word Out

The Media Won’t Talk About Ashley’s Diary, So Conservatives Found a New Way to Get The Word Out

Well, by now, we all know that Ashley’s diary is as real as Hunter’s laptop, and what’s inside both things is a complete horror show. The Biden family is one sick group of characters. These people seem mentally and emotionally stunted and unable to live like normal people. Just look at Hunter and what a complete mess he’s been his entire life. And I am sure he’s a mess right now, but they’re just making sure nobody can see it.

The Bidens appear to be dysfunctional and toxic.

And I don’t think there could be anything more disturbing than what Ashley Biden wrote in her journal.

She claims that she and Joe Biden took “inappropriate showers” together when she was “young,” and then she wonders if that contributed to her sex addiction later in life.

My God. 

She also wonders if a family member had molested her.

It’s just sickening, and of course, the media is running cover for Joe.

But even though the media isn’t talking about it, many folks out there are. As a matter of fact, Bryson Gray, the conservative rapper, just wrote a song about that diary.

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:


“Man I love this, not only the lyrics are good but the flow… Keep up the good work man.”

“This is spot-on, and perfect, thank you for speaking out” 

“I was visiting my 78 yr old mom my sister and niece were here visiting so I played the song and my sister said wow that is incredible. We all liked it”

“This is good… Real Good, nice flow.”

I can tell you this much… If Tiffany or Ivanka had written that in their diary about President Trump, it’d be national news 24/7. But Joe Biden once again gets to enjoy his liberal privilege and does not have to answer a single question about those creepy showers.

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