Dmitry Medvedev: “Retired Idiots With Generals’ Stripes” Should Not Attempt To Intimidate Moscow

Dmitry Medvedev: “Retired Idiots With Generals’ Stripes” Should Not Attempt To Intimidate Moscow

We go round and round until those who support this on either side within their governments and in their cities get to witness the total annihilation, burning cities, and melted bodies of their loved ones first because nuclear weapons allow them to witness the horror they supported during the final torturous seconds of their life to their death. Or…peace.

In the event that the Donbass republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions opt to join Russia, Moscow may use nuclear weapons to protect its territory, including those areas, former president Dmitry Medvedev stated on Thursday. Additionally, he issued a warning against any strikes on Moscow’s naval ports in the Black Sea, calling them “retired fools” in the military of the West.

The referendums, scheduled to take place between September 23 and 27, would unquestionably take place, and “the Donbass republics and other regions would be admitted to Russia,” Medvedev said on Telegram on Thursday.

The Russian military will “substantially enhance” the fortifications of all included areas, the former president continued. He continued by saying that Russia “may use any Russian weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons,” in order to defend its borders.

Without mentioning any names, Medvedev warned that Moscow should not be intimidated by “retired fools with generals’ stripes” who suggest that NATO may invade Crimea, a peninsula that overwhelmingly opted to join Russia in 2014 after a coup in Kiev.

He added that “the Western elite and NATO civilians need to recognize that Russia has chosen its own course” and there is “no turning back,” warning that “hyperkinetic [missiles] are guaranteed to reach targets in Europe and the US considerably faster.”

Ben Hodges, a former US Army commander in Europe, stated on Wednesday that if Moscow decides to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Washington might attack the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, which is stationed in Crimea, or its facilities there. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is “extremely unlikely,” he said, to give the order to use nuclear weapons.

It’s terrible that the media and its propaganda can so easily manipulate so many Americans! It is illogical to assume that Putin is losing or in a terrible situation. Putin is in complete control. There is an unlimited supply of low-cost natural gas in Russia. Without the gas, people will die in Europe. Putin is free to turn the gas off whenever he wants. How much longer will the European people endure before they compel their leaders to change their ways and implore Putin to turn the gas back on?

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In a statement last week, Medvedev accused Western “half-wits” and “stupid think tanks” of inciting nuclear Armageddon in their nations by waging a hybrid war against Moscow. He also cautioned that Russia may intensify its military assault if the Kiev administration is “unrestrainedly pumped with the most lethal sorts of weapons.”

Putin essentially has no choice but to keep going. The only thing holding him in government is his strength, and if he loses to Ukraine and is seen as weak, it will be the end of him.

I have absolutely no faith that Russia is finished. Russia’s military adequacy was never mentioned by our intelligence agencies. Is the US intelligence community these days so uninformed that they were unaware of this? Is the American military as powerful as we have long believed?

The liberal press, in my opinion, is “punking” us. I don’t think the Russian army is finished. They are starting to remind me of a cat that is curled up and waiting. Ukraine lacks the manpower and military resources to continue this conflict. And much as in Vietnam, Americans are losing interest. Our is not the 1940s in this nation. If it were, our current situation would not exist.

Hunter’s laptop’s finding revealed the Biden Crime Family’s nefarious transactions, which will always be regarded as the root cause of this awful special military operation. With the exception of Obama, I cannot think of a president who has brought about more anguish and pain than Biden.

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