[VIDEO] Michelle Obama Drops The Mask at US Open

[VIDEO] Michelle Obama Drops The Mask at US Open

I don’t think many people will accuse Michelle Obama of being a really deep and authentic person. She’s got a very gruff persona and doesn’t appear to ooze many organic “emotions. ” I mean, this is the woman who would stand there looking like she just sucked on a lemon when our National Anthem was playing. This is also the woman who admitted in her adult years that she was “finally” proud of her country. I guess you could say she is blunt and wears her feelings on her face, like it or not. So maybe she’s more “authentic” than I am giving her credit when you look at it that way.

And that could explain what happened at the U.S. Open.

Michelle Obama was seated in the crowd at the big tennis match, and in the short clip we see of her, she seems very disinterested. So much so, that it appears she had to be “told” to clap when a black tennis player by the name of Frances Tiafoe won a critical game point.

Michelle appeared to be zoned out like a zombie and didn’t react at all to the big play.

You can watch the video below:

What a phony.  All of these “caring” and socially aware elites are complete and total frauds.

I will say this much — Michelle does not look good in this clip. She looks bloated and sweaty, and I don’t know who dressed her, but she looks like she’s wearing Shaq’s PJ’s.

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Her makeup is not flattering either.

Michelle can look much better than this, but when she lets herself go, she really “LETS GO….”

Personally, I think Michelle suffers from depression. I mean, she’s said so herself, and sometimes it really shows.

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