[VIDEO] MSNBC Says Migrants Wanted to Stay On Martha’s Vineyard, But a Town of 80% Biden Voters Had Them Removed

[VIDEO] MSNBC Says Migrants Wanted to Stay On Martha’s Vineyard, But a Town of 80% Biden Voters Had Them Removed

The illegal migrants who DeSantis sent to Martha’s Vineyard were so grateful to the Florida governor. They appreciated him helping and sending them to such a lovely place and according to MSNBC, they wanted to stay there. And can you blame them? Martha’s Vineyard is a lush, posh liberal elite utopia. 80 percent of the island voted for Biden, and 80 percent is white, and most people there are very affluent, owning mansions and sprawling 10-room estates, like the Obamas.

Crime is low, the homes are well taken care of, and all the public areas are stunning. And don’t get me started on the restaurants and beaches. It’s all gorgeous. It’s how the “other half” lives, so of course the illegal migrants wanted to stay. Who could blame them? They probably thought they hit the jackpot… and for a while, they pretty much had.

But not so fast, Amigo… Those loving liberals who claim to “stand with you” and even have signs in their yard about “refugees” and “Hate Has No Home Here,” would prefer it if you got your filthy butt off their lovely island.

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich said this: “They wanted to remain in Martha’s Vineyard. Instead a town of 80% Biden voters called the military and removed them. If you’ve been looking for fascists, you’ve now found them. They are in Martha’s Vineyard.”

He’s right.


A couple of buses came and picked up the migrants and took them to a military base….so much for “refugees welcome, ” huh?

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Ya know, we hear a lot about “fair share” from the left, don’t we?

So, why didn’t these very rich liberals do their fair share and clothe, house, and care for these migrants until they could get jobs and integrate into the community?

I’ll tell you why… because that’s exactly why that 80% of Biden voters wanted them gone. They don’t want people like that “integrating” into their communities. Those people belong under freeway overpasses on some dusty Texas road, not on the posh streets of Martha’s Vineyard, and how DARE DeSantis expose that for the world to see.

That part was supposed to remain hidden.

But now, everyone knows that Martha’s Vineyard is an island of liberal hate and racism.

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