Mother Demands Autopsy After Her Healthy 18-Year-Old Son Died Suddenly

Mother Demands Autopsy After Her Healthy 18-Year-Old Son Died Suddenly

If You’ve been following around here, you know that we’ve been covering a slew of sudden young deaths, and we’re not even scratching the surface of what’s happening out there. So many young people are just dropping dead, and we’re told many of them are from “medical episodes.” I’m sorry, that’s not good enough, and it’s not normal. And now, one Mother, who just lost her healthy 18-year-old son when his heart stopped beating one day, is fighting back, and she’s now demanding an autopsy.

Western Journal reported that the mother of a recently deceased 18-year-old man won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of what happened.

Her son, Lorenzo Squillance, a lifeguard at San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy, died suddenly after he began feeling ill on Saturday.

His mother, Paola, a teacher, drove Lorenzo to the hospital after he complained of feeling unwell, according to Bigodino. After rushing Lorenzo inside, Paola quickly returned to the car to “find a parking space.” By the time she returned to her son, everything had changed.

According to the news outlet, Paola returned to the emergency room to find her son “already intubated and dying.”

Doctors prepared to rush the young man to a hospital that was better prepared to deal with the emergency… but there was no point. The healthy young man’s heart just stopped and he was dead.

Paola is now demanding authorities to conduct an autopsy of her son.

According to, following the mother’s demands, the public prosecutor’s office has officially ordered an autopsy of the 18-year-old. The autopsy is set to be conducted over the next few days, Bigodino reported.

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This isn’t the only strange death of a young person to take place in Europe in recent months. According to Euro Weekly News, a few other cases have popped up in that time.

For instance, on July 6, a 13-year-old died suddenly in the Italian province of Prato. It was later revealed that she had recently been diagnosed with myocarditis.

And as we know, these types of deaths are happening a lot in the US. We do so many stories on these horrific deaths… we just did one yesterday, where a healthy 17-year-old high school football player died in his sleep.

Every parent should request autopsies and answers if this tragedy strikes their family. Don’t let anyone cover up what’s happening.

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