NBA Player Calls Biden’s Vaccine Mandate One of the Biggest “Human Rights Violations” in History

NBA Player Calls Biden’s Vaccine Mandate One of the Biggest “Human Rights Violations” in History

The COVID Vaccine is a sore spot for many Americans. While I am a big proponent of modern medicine and where we’ve come in terms of healing, I am also fully aware that Big Pharma is a BIG business., and because of that lines get blurred. A lot of Americans didn’t feel comfortable taking a “rushed” vaccine for a virus with a 99+ survival rate. I was one of those people. I’ve had COVID three times. Once very early on when it first hit, and two other times. The first time I had it, it was strong. It felt like a really bad case of bronchitis. But I got through it with no meds and no hospital. The next two times it was so mild I barely noticed it. I didn’t need the vaccine. Why would I inject something into my body that I didn’t need? Same reason I don’t get the flu vax. I’ve had the flu maybe twice in my whole life, and 5-7 days later, I was fine. This is my philosophy for MY body. If your philosophy is different for viruses with 99+  survival rate, that’s totally fine. We can agree to disagree, and you get your vax, and I’ll pass.


But it wasn’t simple, was it? No. It was turned into a political circus thanks to Joe Biden, who, at one point, blamed the entire pandemic on the “unvaccinated” and then promised all of us a winter of “death and illness.” Remember that nonsense? It was right before Christmas, the man is just a buffoon. I didn’t get COVID that winter, as a matter of fact, I haven’t had it in eons. But countless vaccinated people did catch COVID…twice in a row, as we saw with Jill and Joe. I guess Joe’s prediction backfired, eh?

But all joking aside, Biden’s radical rhetoric and his vaccine mandates have ruined many people’s lives. And one NBA player is now speaking out, and he’s calling those mandates one the biggest violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in history.

Daily Wire reported that Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving spoke out after New York City announced an end to its COVID vaccine mandate for private-sector employees on Tuesday, calling the requirement among “the biggest violations of human rights in history.”

Irving shared the comments in a viral Twitter post on Tuesday following the announcement by New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams.

There are people who still can’t go to work because they refused to take a vaccine that doesn’t even work as it was promised to.

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You’ll recall, Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci told us that if you get the vax, you won’t catch COVID. Well, that was not true. Then they told us if we get the vax you won’t get a bad case of COVID or end up in the hospital. Well, that wasn’t true either.

Now, they simply say that if you take the vaccine, you’ll have a “milder” case of COVID. That’s a far cry from where we started.

And also, most people who catch COVID, regardless of vax status, will have a mild case… that’s why the survival rate is so high.

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