NBC News Quickly Deletes Tweet That Compared Migrants On Martha’s Vineyard to “Trash”

NBC News Quickly Deletes Tweet That Compared Migrants On Martha’s Vineyard to “Trash”

Wow. It’s getting really bad out there. The mask is not just slipping off elite liberals, it’s being yanked off with great force. We saw what happened when Governor DeSantis shipped 50 illegal aliens to the posh, lilly-white liberal utopia known as Martha’s Vineyard. The island declared a state of emergency and acted as if “brown people” on their island were a “humanitarian crisis” and refused to allow them to stay. I guess there was no room at any of the mansions for those folks, even, though the rich liberals who live on Martha’s Vineyard are always speaking out about “refugees” and how walls are racist. Seems like we know who the real racists are, don’t we?

And speaking of that… NBC News just let their mask slip off too, and boy oh boy, this one was a doozy.

They wanted to share a tweet that include a quote from a guest, and I guess nobody at NBC News has two working brain cells because they all thought the quote was appropriate.

But pretty quickly after posting the tweet, which compared the illegal immigrants on Martha’s Vineyard to a bag of trash, they deleted it. I guess the public pointed out the obvious slip they made.

They’re not supposed to admit that stuff out loud… what was NBC thinking?

Here’s the tweet.. because even though they deleted it, doesn’t matter. The internet is forever.

Here’s what people online had to say:

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“Somebody was having a Freudian slip.”

“NBC showing America that the racists on Martha’s Vineyard aren’t the only only ones…” 

“First, was breakfast tacos. Now trash. What’s next?”

“They are so tone deaf normal people had to explain this to them.”

“Libs hate minorities”

“I knew this move by @GovRonDeSantis was genius, but I didn’t imagine how amazingly the left would manage to self-sabotage on this.”

“The left really took the bait that Abbott and DeSantis dangled out there and they made a huge mess of things lol” 

But this is really how the left thinks about minorities. The left uses minorities to virtue signal to their rich white friends and feel good about themselves and brag on Instagram. But when it comes time to actually jump in and do something to help, they can’t be bothered. And God forbid you bring those “dirty minorities” into their posh neighborhoods… well, we all saw what happened in Martha’s Vineyard.

They fall apart. 

There are so many mansions there, but nobody, not one person came forward and said, “Hey, I wanna give up 5 of my 10 rooms to help…”

So, it’s actually a good thing that DeSantis made that bold move and sent the illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard… It’s about time those racist, intolerant dirtbag commies get exposed.

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