North Dakota High School Football Player Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Game

North Dakota High School Football Player Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Game

Once again, here I am telling you about yet another young and seemingly healthy athlete who had a heart attack. This is happening so frequently now, it’s beyond alarming, and it seems as if everyone in the media is just all “la dee da” about it. Trust me, the investigative reporters at the New York Times are NOT looking into this bizarre phenomenon of young healthy people just dropping dead out of thin air after a rushed vaccine and booster shots were foisted upon us.

The experts still claim the COVID vaccine is perfectly safe, so do with that info what you will…

The only good news in this particular story is that this time, the young man who had a heart attack lived, thank God.

Western Journal reported that a high school football player suddenly collapsed and went into cardiac arrest during a game in Surrey, North Dakota, on Sept. 9. Fortunately, medical personnel were able to save the young player’s life and he was flown to a hospital.

Ole Svangstu, part of the Divide County Football team, collapsed as he was headed to a team huddle in the third quarter of the game, KXNET reported.

Medical personnel staffing the game — including the Surrey Ambulance crew, the Trinity sports medicine team and a retired paramedic in the crowd —  immediately went into action, the news outlet reported.

“We rolled the patient over and sports medicine assisted in helping to get the helmet and the pads off,” Marcy Kuhnhenn, a Minot Ambulance paramedic, told KXNET. “The firemen had the [automated external defibrillator], and they were doing compressions and applying that, and I went through the normal CPR routine with the AED.”

After a shock from the defibrillator, the young man responded, she said.

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With his heart beating again, Svangstu was flown to Trinity Hospital in nearby Minot. He was later transferred to the Mayo Pediatric ICU, KXNET reported.

At the Mayo Clinic, Svangstu had surgery to remove an extra pathway in his heart that had been allowing electrical activity to travel in both directions, which was determined to be the cause of his cardiac arrest, KXNET reported.

None of this is normal, and we need somebody with some intergity to get to the bottom of it.

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