Police Say There is Zero Evidence That Murdered N. Dakota Teen Was a “Republican Extremist”

Police Say There is Zero Evidence That Murdered N. Dakota Teen Was a “Republican Extremist”

I don’t even know what the term “Republican Extremist” means. Do you? It’s some whacko term a senile man with dementia is floating around, and we’re all talking about it like it’s some “real thing.” It’s not. In Joe Biden’s apple-sauce mind, a “Republican Extremist” is anyone who disagrees with Liz Cheney. That’s the type of so-called Republican that Joe likes to deal with. You know, the kind that are globalist warmongers who practice the type of policies that decimated the middle-class and got us into endless wars that killed slews of our American men and women. That’s what Joe calls “normal.”

Those people are NOT “extremists” in Joe’s mind. But anyone who supports closed borders, fair trade, no more wars, and placing the needs of Americans above all others, is considered an “extremist.” We’re the “threat” to the very soul of this nation, according to the blithering buffoon who is currently occupying the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But in all seriousness, Joe Biden’s nasty and hateful rhetoric has had some very deadly and dangerous consequences. Not long after his big “Hitler” speech in PA, a violent and unhinged Democrat mowed down an 18-year-old teenage boy in North Dakota because he thought he was a “Republican extremist.” The same exact words were used by Joe Biden.

Gee, ya think there’s a connection there?

The deranged Dem was not charged with murder. Shockingly, he was charged with Criminal Vehicular Manslaughter, and released on a 50K bond because he told the judge he didn’t want this to ruin his job or his family.


Meanwhile, there are January 6th defendants charged with misdemeanors who are still sitting in jail, 18 months later. Sounds fair, right?

Well, in the case involving the murdered teen, police now say there is zero evidence that the conservative teen was an “extremist” of any kind.

The New York Post reported that a North Dakota law enforcement officer said there was no evidence that the teenager who was fatally mowed down over a “political argument” was a member of a “Republican extremist group,” according to a report.

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Shannon Brandt, 41, told police he hit Cayler Ellingson, 18, with his SUV during a street party in the small city of McHenry early Sunday morning and fled the scene because the teen had threatened him. Ellingson was taken to a hospital and later died.

Brandt also claimed to police that Ellingson said he was a member of an unnamed right-wing extremist group.

But North Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind told Fox News Digital on Thursday that “there is no evidence to support the claim Brandt made” about Ellingson being in any such group.

“This remains an active investigation and as evidence is gathered and reviewed, we will consult with the Foster County State’s Attorney to determine if Brandt’s current charges will remain … or if additional charges will be brought against him,” said Niewind.

After the crash, Brandt reportedly told police he had been drinking and was found to have a blood alcohol level of .08, the legal limit. He was freed on a $50,000 bond after being charged with criminal vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a crash involving death, the outlet said.

Brandt also told police he attacked Ellingson because “he had a political argument with” him and believed the teen “was calling people to come get him,” according to court documents obtained by Fox Digital.

Ellingson had called his mother twice during the incident; the first time to ask if she knew who Brandt was, and the second time to warn that “he” or “they” were chasing him, the documents reportedly said.

How scary is this? You can’t even have a political debate with a Democrat, without worrying that they’ll kill you for being an “extremist.” And Joe thinks it’s the right that is filled with hate and violence? Obviously, he’s never spent a day on Twitter.

Polling shows Americans are unhappy with Joe Biden’s demonization of MAGA. They think it’s hateful and divisive — which it is. And dangerous, as we now know. Americans also say they are more concerned about the socialist left than they are about MAGA “extremists”

Actually, the left are not socialists; they are communists and should be addressed that way. Everything they do is grounded in Marxism. It’s time to call them out for who and what they really are.

And FYI, this is how the mainstream media is covering this story:

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