Once Again, Joe Biden is Waking Up To A Hellscape Political Nightmare

Once Again, Joe Biden is Waking Up To A Hellscape Political Nightmare

Well, it’s another day and another political nightmare for Joe Biden. As we closer to the midterms, Biden has become increasingly desperate to shake things up so he can somehow energize his lackluster base; most of whom want him out of office as fast as humanly possible. He needs his radical zombies to show up at the polls in November, or Dems are in some really deep doo-doo. So, that’s why he shoved through his phony “Inflation Reduction” act, his commie green nonsense and electric car push, and canceled a bunch of student loan debt. Biden is only appealing to his rich, white liberal base in hopes they’ll show up for Dems.

He’s also demonized half of America, calling us “threats to the very soul of the nation” and “terrorists.” Joe is hoping that he can scare his zombies to the polls in order to stop the “ULTRA MAGA takeover.” Not to mention, turning his Gestapo FBI against President Trump, like some kind of tyrannical madman.

So, how is all of that working out for Joe?

Terrible. I mean, really, really bad.

Here’s what Joe will wake up to this morning courtesy of the new Harvard/Harris poll:

  • 42% of Independents believe “there are tens of millions of dangerous MAGA Republicans backing violence and trying to overthrow the constitution.”
  • A majority of Americans, 55%, say they are more concerned about the Socialist left than the MAGA Republicans
  • A majority, 51%, say the raid on Trump’s residence was “a politically motivated use of force”
  • 52% say the DOJ used the warrant to conduct a fishing expedition against President Trump 58% say the appointment of a special master was reasonable
  • 55% say they believe the President “has the power to classify and declassify documents, keep personal notes, and designate which documents go to the archive”
  • 56% say they oppose the Anti-MAGA speech Biden gave in Philadelphia
  • 60% say Biden’s anti-MAGA speech was divisive
  • 54% say Biden’s anti-MAGA speech was just fear-mongering
  • 56% (including 61% of independents) say it is inappropriate for President Biden to label Trump supporters/MAGA Republicans as “semi-fascists”
  • 55% say they oppose the 87,000 new IRS agents created by the Inflation Reduction Act; 58% say the new agents “will mostly investigate average” people
  • 71% say they would prefer to drive a gasoline-powered car over an electric car
  • 72% believe the electric grid is not ready for wide-spread use of EVs
  • 53%, say the Inflation Reduction Act will RAISE inflation.
  • 49% say they support Biden’s unilateral student loan cancellations. 50% say they oppose it. Only 22% say they strongly support the cancellations while 31% say they strongly oppose it.
  • 56% say it was wrong for President Biden to go around Congress on student loans
  • 52% believe that Biden’s executive order on Student loan debt in unconstitutional; 58% believe singling out student debt for relief is “unfair”
  • 63% believe colleges will continue to raise their tuition to capture more government money
  • 24% of Independents say the debt cancellation makes them more likely to vote Democrat vs 34% who say it makes them less likely to vote Dem.

This poll, which is by no means “impartial” – It’s Harvard/Harris for crying out loud and they definitely run to the “left,” is proof that every single thing Biden has done has backfired.


It’s absolutely stunning to see this type of epic failure.

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And amid all this, we have the media and pollsters telling us Dems are “surging” in their races. Do you actually believe that? Why would they be surging? Because of the “ULTRA MAGA” forces? Give me a break, Americans realize that’s all hogwash.

Anyway, Good Morning Joe, I hope you have a really sucky day.

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