[VIDEO] Opinions Needed: Female Cop Overtaken By Elderly Man, Drivers Stop to Save Her… Should She Be On Patrol?

[VIDEO] Opinions Needed: Female Cop Overtaken By Elderly Man, Drivers Stop to Save Her… Should She Be On Patrol?

I watched this video and was really stunned to see what happened. Stunned, but not surprised. An Ohio female police officer is making a traffic stop, and the man she pulls over is clearly drunk and sounds and looks to be an older guy. Things quickly, and I do mean QUICKLY get out of hand, and this woman loses complete control of the entire situation within seconds. The drunk guy gets the upper hand and now he’s literally wrestling with the cop, weapons, and all by the car — and he’s winning.

Thank GOD people driving by saw what was happening and jumped in to save the officer. Honestly, she could have easily died. I don’t know what this guy’s end game was, but he was definitely aggressive and combative.

I want you to watch this clip, and then I will have a question for you afterward.

You can watch the video below:

Okay, here’s my question: after watching that clip, do you think the female officer should be on patrol? Do you think she should have a partner?

I know there are a lot of good female cops out there, and I am not bagging on anyone, but it’s just “science” that men are stronger than women. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how God made us. But that difference in strength can lead to a deadly outcome in a situation like this.

Now, would that drunken idiot have tried to pull this same stunt on a man? Not sure, but if he did, the male officer would have a heck of a lot better chance of subduing him.

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