Philly DA Engages In Tense Interview With TV Hosts Over Increased Crime And Shooting Deaths

Philly DA Engages In Tense Interview With TV Hosts Over Increased Crime And Shooting Deaths

Larry Krasner, the district attorney for Philadelphia, retaliated against a local television anchor by claiming that his city’s violence is a result of his lax crime regulations.

On Wednesday, Krasner made an appearance on Fox 29 Philadelphia’s Good Day Philadelphia to explain his stances. “You have a perception problem,” anchor Mike Jerrick said to Krasner. In this city, there is a belief that you are the cause of all the gun violence.

Krasner responded, “I don’t,” citing his resounding victory in 2021, when he garnered about 72% of the vote. This indicates that people support his office’s strategy to reducing gun violence, he claimed. Jerrick cut him off by asking, “Why is that perception there? You must acknowledge its presence. It’s too permissive, according to every policeman I speak with.

In the city in 2022, there were 1,425 nonfatal gunshots and 374 shooting deaths. “There are many things going on in the system, but until we had reform prosecutors, no one ever sought to point the finger at just one item. We all need to collaborate, and the truth is that we’ve been more productive overall,” Krasner added before Jerrick cut him off.

“And you are a district attorney for reform. That is common knowledge throughout the nation,” he remarked. “Perhaps it isn’t functioning,” Krasner answered, “It’s working. The truth is that our…”

“1,000 individuals have been killed in 20 months.” In shock, Jerrick muttered while placing his hands on his head. Krasner increased his bet.

“It’s functioning. The truth is that the epidemic has dealt all of these jurisdictions a tremendous blow, and there is no connection whatsoever between being progressive or conventional and the incidence of crime, he added. “These states in the US have homicide rates that are 40% higher, and they are MAGA states and Trump states. I’ll say it again: The homicide rate in Trump states is 40% higher than the rate in all 50 Biden states combined.

Republicans assert the contrary, Jerrick said. “They’re all blue states,” Republicans lie, Krasner said in response. Let’s just get to it, I mean. Republicans fabricate. They act in this manner. Republicans don’t all lie, Jerrick retorted.

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“Well, alright, you’re correct; just the MAGA ones do; not all of them. Trump cities account for eight out of ten of the most dangerous cities, he declared. And we need to face the facts about this. The truth matters.

The source of Krasner’s cited figure is unknown. The 10 most dangerous American cities, according to a thorough analysis by the personal finance website MoneyGeek using crime cost per capita, are St. Louis, Jackson, Mississippi; Detroit; New Orleans; Baltimore; Memphis; Cleveland; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kansas City, Missouri; and Shreveport, Louisiana. Of these, only one was won by former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

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