[VIDEO] Shocking New Images of Dem-Run Philly… Why Are We Sending Money to Ukraine With THIS Going On?

[VIDEO] Shocking New Images of Dem-Run Philly… Why Are We Sending Money to Ukraine With THIS Going On?

We’re sending billions and billions of dollars to Ukraine, while American cities look like war zones. We’ve been invaded by crime, drugs, and bad Democrat policies that have allowed this type of decay to occur. But instead of fixing this, and offering these Americans hope, Joe Biden is sending our hardworking tax dollars to Ukraine… and he says MAHA is a “threat” to the soul of this nation? I think anyone who ignores THIS disaster and sends money overseas is the real threat.

MAGA isn’t about hate or bigotry like Biden claims. It’s about putting the people in this video first, above foreigners, and doing all we can to lift them out of this poverty and despair. These are our American brothers and sisters, and they deserve better. They deserve a shot at happiness and success. Why aren’t there mental health programs available, drug rehabs, and trade schools on every corner for them?

I’ll tell you why… because the left doesn’t want to fix this. They want these people in despair and totally lost, with no direction or future. They’d much rather fund their proxy wars and launder money overseas to enrich themselves, their family, friends, and donors.

And what you see in Philly and other Dem-run cities is the result of that.

You can watch the video below:

So, this is what you get when you don’t have a MAGA agenda.

Who’s the real threat, here? 

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Charlene Greenway
4 months ago

The America that I grew up in is no more, sad.

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