After Meghan’s Latest Attacks, Queen Elizabeth is Finally Contemplating The One Move She’s Avoided…

After Meghan’s Latest Attacks, Queen Elizabeth is Finally Contemplating The One Move She’s Avoided…

The Royals were recently blindsided by Meghan Markle when she gave another scathing interview about “palace life.” The Royals were reportedly furious. It appears this is how it’s gonna be from now on. This is Meghan’s claim to fame, her stories of “abuse” by the big/bad Royal family, and how she survived. She wants to look like she’s fighting back, and is some amazing heroine. Queen Elizabeth reportedly believes it’s because Meghan has her sites set on the White House… So what can the Queen do about this? Well, a lot, actually. The question is, “will she?”

If the Queen wants to put an end to this, all she has to do is strip their titles. Then, they can talk all they want, and the Palace is not obligated to reply… and new reports from inside the palace, indicate the Queen is considering this big “revenge” move.

OK! Magazine reported that when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially relinquished their roles within the British monarchy, they were allowed to keep their title as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. However, since the pair have continued to use the titles whilst shading the royal family in multiple public interviews, Queen Elizabeth, 96, may take away the denominations for good.

“The highest levels of The Firm are telling the Queen that she needs to banish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once and for all,” a palace insider exclusively spilled to OK!, adding that Prince William is the one leading the push.

“Prince William evangelizes the Queen’s ‘never complain, never explain’ example. It is widely accepted by the royal family that staying silent is usually best and airing one’s dirty laundry especially as a member of the monarchy never turns out well,” the source explained. “If Harry and Meghan no longer have titles, it would easier to argue that a response isn’t warranted.”

The Sussexes’ most recent diss against the England-based brood came earlier this week, as Markle, 41, gave an insightful interview with The Cut. In the piece, the star dissed royal protocols, insisted she and Harry were “happy to” leave the U.K. and seemed to blame the rift on them, noting of the tension, “none of it had to be this way.”

No one was angrier over the article than the Duke of Cambridge, 40. “Prince William is desperate to preserve the credibility of the royal family,” noted the insider. “Expect that he will demand a review of the agreement that allows them to retain their Duke and Duchess titles.”

Prince William reportedly wants to fire back at his brother and his shrew wife, but his father, Prince Charles, won’t let him.

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We’ve heard rumors before that the duo might have their titles stripped, but nothing has happened, but Meghan and Harry just can’t stop poking away at the family, and one of those jabs, is going to result in a payback, eventually.

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