Randy Quaid Just Dropped a Truth Bomb On Barack and Michelle

Randy Quaid Just Dropped a Truth Bomb On Barack and Michelle

Joe Biden gave his “Soul of The Nation” speech, and once again, trashed half the nation, claiming that “MAGA forces” are “destroying democracy.” Mind you, this is the guy who claimed he was going to “unify” the country. What a joke. All Democrats do is divide people, just look at what Obama did to this country. We were practically at each other’s throats when he was in office.

And speaking of Obama, I came upon this amazing tweet from Randy Quaid that is so spot-on. He calls out the Obamas, and he says the absolute truth. It’s Michelle and Barry who are turning this country into a police state. This is Obama’s third term, and we all know he’s the one calling the shots and this is his war against MAGA and President Trump and all his voters. Biden is just the hateful idiot mouthpiece spewing this gunk all over the country.

Here’s what Randy said: Mr & Mrs Obama are the tip of the spear turning America into a racist police state.

Randy gets it — the Obamas are the worst thing that’s ever happened to this country. Obama, Michelle, and Eric Holder are all Marxists, so the communist agenda unfolding right now makes perfect sense when you realize Obama is running the show.

Have you seen this video he made? Watch it. It’s very good:

“From George Washington to George Soros…” I never thought of it that way, but Randy is right, that’s exactly what is happening.

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From freedom to communism in no time flat.

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