Randy Quaid’s “My Pillow” Tweet is About As Based As You Can Get

Randy Quaid’s “My Pillow” Tweet is About As Based As You Can Get

As you’ve probably heard, Trump loyalist and America First patriot Mike Lindell was also raided by the FBI. Only his “raid” happened at a fast food drive-thru, where his car was blocked, and a swarm of FBI agents flooded out of the surrounding vehicles. They ended up taking Mike’s cell phone from him. Yes, we better make sure we get all of those evil pillow salesmen off the streets. Great job, FBI. The pedophiles and child abusers want to thank you for all the hard work you’re doing catching ‘pillow CEOs.” It’s quite helpful to them.

This is just another communist move from the vindictive, hateful Biden Regime. They can’t win a race without a virus and a tsunami of mail-in ballots, so they’ve now resorted to treating their political opponents like North Korea criminals and using the FBI as a bunch of left-wing brownshirts. Let freedom ring, right?

Give me a break.

Since that time, so many people have rallied around Mike Lindell. God knows this man has been beaten up by the communist cancel mob. And one of the people who jumped in to support Mike was actor Randy Quaid, who put out one of the most based tweets you’ll see all day.

Here’s what Randy said: I’m sleeping on a pillow made by a man whose phone has been stolen by the FBI in an illegal search and seizure because he supported the President of the United States. Political strong-arming by Biden’s goons not ok. Hold on, there’s a knock on my door.

All jokes aside, you definitely get the feeling that the FBI could come knock on your door at any time. Wonder if you post a meme that’s too spicy, or call Joe Biden a “blithering senile buffoon” in a blog post… does that mean the feds might come to check on you and see if you’re an anti-government “terrorist?”

That’s how absurd things have gotten now. Boy, when Dems aren’t in charge, all bets are off, they can say whatever the hell they want and issue any threats they please. But the second anybody else engages in pushing back against the political establishment, suddenly you’re threatening the very fabric of democracy.

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That’s really convenient, isn’t it? And super cool how the FBI appears to follow along with that scenario.

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