24-Year-Old Reporter Dies Suddenly Of “Congenital Heart Disease”

24-Year-Old Reporter Dies Suddenly Of “Congenital Heart Disease”

If you hang around Wayne Dupree.com for any amount of time, you’ll know that we cover as many of these “sudden/young people” deaths as we can. And it’s not to be macabre or claim every single case is caused by a certain v**cine we’ve been hearing a lot about. No. It’s to bring attention to what’s going on and say, “Hey, HELLO… there appears to be a problem here, can someone with resources, medical knowledge, and no political bias please look into this???”

That’s what I am hoping for because I don’t care what anybody says, these “sudden” and unexplained deaths or deaths due to heart failure and disease are not normal in young people. That stuff should be rare, and after all the stores I do, week after week it’s not. And imagine all the “stories” we didn’t know about? So, something isn’t right, and I think we all know it, yet, everyone is tap-dancing around this issue, as if they’re afraid to offend Big Pharma, or worse, admit they were wrong.

You have to figure, Dems went ALL-IN on this vaccine. They took pictures of their vax band-aids and held up their vaccination cards while beaming with pride. They added their vax status to their online bios and wrote songs and skits about how great the vaccine was. It literally became part of who they were. Like a religion. So, imagine now, if we found out that it was causing heart attacks and other heart issues, how would these people cope? These are also the same people who have injected the vaccine into their kids. How could they look at themselves in the mirror? So, if that were the case, would it be easier for them to just bury their heads and ignore it?


But I don’t care about those potentially tortured and confused souls. We need to get to the bottom of this, because here I am again, with another tragic story. This time it involves a 24-year-old reporter from Toronto, Canada, who suddenly died of “congenital heart disease.” Was this a disease that he had for eons and didn’t realize it? Or is this something that popped up recently? Seems very odd to me that a person who is that young would have congenital heart disease.

Western Journal reported that a 24-year-old Canadian journalist has died from what has been described as a congenital heart disease.

Matthew Rodrigopulle, who worked for Global Regina in Saskatchewan, died on Sept. 4, according to On the Record.

Rodrigopulle was a 2020 graduate of the Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Journalism.

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Rodrigopulle worked at On the Record, a student publication of Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Journalism, as a reporter in 2020 and a teaching assistant during the 2021-2022 academic year.

“He was so kind and caring with the students,” said Talia Ricci, now a CBC reporter who worked with Rodrigopulle. “I have no doubt he would have had a long career as an amazing storyteller.”

I did a story yesterday about a 26-year-old man from New Zealand who died, and doctors there officially linked it directly to the COVID-19 vaccine. He died of a heart attack a few weeks after taking the vaccine. His girlfriend found him on the bathroom floor, dead. He had been complaining about chest pains and heart flutters before he died.

Officials in New Zealand said that this young man’s reaction to the vaccine was “very rare.”

But is that true? Has there been enough in-depth investigations and research into this very new vaccine to make statements like that, especially when we see so much “heart issues” happening in young people?

I did another story where a high school football player had a heart attack on the field. Thankfully, he didn’t die, but these stories are all too familiar.

The piece about Rodrigopulle went on to say that he had most recently worked for Global Regina, a Canadian news organization in Saskatchewan.

Global Regina anchor Kimberley Fowler recalled how Rodrigopulle wanted to be Regina’s best-dressed reporter.

“Matthew had a lot to offer, not only to our viewers but the journalism scene here in Canada,” Fowler said in a tearful video clip posted to Twitter by Global Regina.


We pray this man’s family and friends get the answers they need in order to come to peace with their great loss.

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