Update: King Charles Actually Ordered Harry NOT to Bring Meghan to Balmoral Castle

Update: King Charles Actually Ordered Harry NOT to Bring Meghan to Balmoral Castle

Meghan had planned to see the Queen at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She and Harry had their people release a statement stating that the two of them were traveling there together… and that’s when all hell broke loose. The Royals did not want Meghan there. And they went to great lengths to make sure she wasn’t. They even asked Kate to stay home with her children so they could use that to keep Meghan away, as if to say, “Well, Kate’s not coming, so why would Meghan?”

In the end, King Charles actually ordered Harry to come alone, and not bring his wife, who nobody likes, and that’s what he did. Harry actually listened. He really had no choice.

OK! Magazine reported that as it’s been revealed that Meghan Markle purposely wasn’t invited to visit Queen Elizabeth II’s deathbed in her final hours, new sources claim that it was King Charles III himself that warned Prince Harry against bringing his wife on his trip to Scotland. “Charles told Harry that it wasn’t right or appropriate for Meghan to be in Balmoral at such a deeply sad time,” a source explained of the somber decision.

“It was pointed out to him that Kate was not going and that the numbers really should be limited to the very closest family,” the source added, further noting that “Charles made it very, very clear Meghan would not be welcome.”

Unfortunately, the delays involved with changing his travel plans caused Harry to arrive at his beloved grandmother’s Balmoral home over an hour after she had already passed away.

“He barely moved for the whole hour-long flight and was obviously reflecting on his beloved grandmother,” a fellow passenger shared in a recent interview. “It was so sad to see him without the other royals to comfort him. I really hope the Queen’s death will help them heal their rifts.”

As OK! previously reported, when Meghan and Harry’s spokesperson initially put out the statement that they would both be visiting the Queen in her fragile state, the palace was reportedly worked up into a frenzy trying to find a way to keep the mother-of-two from going on the trip.

According to an insider, it was later agreed that Kate would also not be in attendance as an excuse to convince Harry not to bring Meghan, as the Duke of Sussex “would have exploded if Kate had been invited and Meghan wasn’t.”

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Just a couple of weeks back, Meghan threw the Royals under the bus yet again, in another one of her infamous interviews. Reports indicate that Prince William was furious about it, and wanted to call her out, but his father decided not to go that route, and to just lie low and say nothing.

If you ask me, Meghan’s got a lot of nerve going anywhere near the Royal Family, after all the chaos and damage she’s helped cause.

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