[VIDEO] Red-Pilled Russell Brand Went on “Morning Joe” and Reduced Mika Into a Quivering Mass of Jelly LOL

[VIDEO] Red-Pilled Russell Brand Went on “Morning Joe” and Reduced Mika Into a Quivering Mass of Jelly LOL

Russell Brand has been very “red-pilled.” He spends most of his podcast chastising the fake news media, and Dem politicians. Russell understands what’s happening, and he’s wide awake, and not afraid to talk about it. But let me tell you, the mainstream media isn’t ready for what Russell has to say. And we found that out pretty quickly when he appeared on the ultra-liberal “Morning Joe” show and was interviewed by Mika and a couple of her sidekicks.

Things didn’t go so well for Mika, she ended up being turned into a very dried-up old prune, or raisin. Whichever.

I think you’ll enjoy this one.

Watch (I cued it up to the 4:17 mark):

Here’s what people online are saying:

“He owned their sorry asses. They wanted to knock him down and it failed spectacularly. I always wondered how such a smart man (Mika’s dad) could have such a stupid offspring . . .”

“Morning junk. MSNBC is for the mentally ill libtards.”

“An honest, intelligent man in a den of shitforbrains and c*nts”

“They’re joking is childish at best and they are so accustomed to being told what to say they don’t know how to conduct a real interview.”

“Brand has been sober for 19 years – almost 20 – from drugs, including alcohol. It’s been too easy for the media to frame him this way. “Look at his eyes! Brand is on drugs, he’s relapsed!”
Russell is bipolar. It’s rarely mentioned, of.course. He’s been doing a great service, God bless him.”

“My only disappointment with this video is that Joey Scumborough wasn’t there. I would’ve loved to see Russell tear into that POS.”

“After that Mika went to her SAFE SPACE & CRIED like a BANSHEE”

He was trashing them personally and professionally in their own house and they were too stupid to see it.

Anytime the elites get roasted and mocked, it’s a good day.

I do wish Joe had been there. Would’ve been nice to see Rusell bash him, too.

H/T-Citizen Free Press 

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