[VIDEO] Yet Another Fox News Host Was Just Diagnosed With “Stage 5 TDS”

[VIDEO] Yet Another Fox News Host Was Just Diagnosed With “Stage 5 TDS”

There’s a pandemic unfolding over at Fox News, and no, it’s not COVID, it’s worse — TDS. Bret Baier is suffering from Stage 5 TDS, and now, we’re noticing Steve Doocy, the father of White House correspondent Peter Doocy, is also suffering from Stage 5 TDS. Doocy has been on a one-man mission to defend the honor of the FBI, since the c0mmunist raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. Doocy can’t figure out why anybody is questioning the actions or motives of the very pure FBI and DOJ, and is instead, attacking President Trump and feverishly pushing left-wing talking points.

Doocy pushed the calculated assertion by the DOJ, “Can we go back and look at those documents on the floor?”

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Bizpacreview reported that “And when you look at these particular things right here, at least five yellow folders marked top secret and another secret SCI — that stands for sensitive compartmentalized information — these are the biggest secrets in the world!” he declared, again displaying a level of dishonest disbelief that was almost impressive.

“We have heard that Donald Trump’s lawyers went through all the stuff, but how could you go and look at that and not think, you know what? That’s probably something I should turn back over,” he stated.

“His attorneys were asked about this, and he said he had already ordered them to be declassified,” Ainsley Earhardt finally pointed out, at long last voicing a defense of Trump, adding, “They were taken to Mar-a-Lago when he was president.”

Doocy, however, was having none of it and took the leftist path less traveled. He claimed that there is an accepted protocol for declassifying documents that Trump and his team did not follow, rendering that defense moot.

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You can watch the video below:

Doocy and Baier are now Shep and Wallace. Doocy is definitely the “Shep Smith” character, overdramatic, and over the top, and Baier is the more “sociopathic” Chris Wallace character.

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Either way, Fox News will never be free of these NeverTrumpers, because they don’t want to be. This is the Paul Ryan news network now, and soon, he’ll find a way to push Tucker off the air, too.

Fox News is not our friend.

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