[VIDEO] Young TikToker Says It’s White People’s Fault That She’s Obese… And She Has “Proof”

[VIDEO] Young TikToker Says It’s White People’s Fault That She’s Obese… And She Has “Proof”

I have seen a lot of excuses for being overweight, but blaming “white people” is a new one. But it fits right in with this new victim society that Dems have created. Nobody can take personal responsibility for anything they do. It all has to be someone else’s fault. It’s sad, but that’s also how senile buffoon Joe Biden runs his so-called “presidency.” Nothing is this guy’s fault. He’s always blaming someone else — unvaccinated, MAGA voters, Trump, the weather… anything but himself or his inept staff.

So, when we see Gen Z blaming others for all their personal woes it’s not all that shocking. But this young girl actually took things to an incredibly absurd new level in a TikTok video where she goes through and explains in painfully dumb detail how her being “fat” is the fault of white people.

And the scary thing is, she’s 100 percent serious, and there are a lot of people who probably agree with her… I will tell you, this next generation coming up is in for some really big trouble. They’re about to have a lot of really rude awakenings coming their way.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“I wish someone would create a simulation to run these possibilities to see what the different outcomes could be. I bet it’s not as rosy as she thinks. Colonialism stopped much barbarism. Look up Barbary pirates. What would the world be like if they had been the conquerors?”

“Blame others for your habits, you’ll stay right where you are at.”

“White supremacy made me skip the gym this morning.”

“If white people hadn’t done things a long time ago, I would be able to stop putting food in my face and laying about doing nothing” makes sense.”

“She’s overweight because she overeats. My work is done here.”

“Other countries have street food is that because of white people too?”

“No you can’t lose weight because you refuse to make changes to your diet and routine to enable weight loss. Take some personal responsibility.”

“Most Indian people are skinny. There’s very little obesity in South Asia. I think she just enjoys burgers.”

“And if a cave man never accidentally dropped a piece of dinosaur meat on a fire we’d all be vegetarian”

“I would probably start with pushing that mower myself that I hear in the background. It’s crazy how every time I finish working out, I don’t get cravings for junk food. Only when I’m feeling lazy”

“Impulse control has gone the way of unicorns.”

“Holy cow. If A didn’t happen, then B wouldn’t have happened, then C wouldn’t have happened… then Q wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t be a victim. Give me restitution & absolve me of all personal responsibility. Good lord.”

“Has she tried cutting carbs?”

“Where do I start? Even if EVERYTHING she said was accurate, NOTHING prevents her from walking, joining a gym or taking care of herself. Accept personal responsibility, get moving and SHUT UP!!!”

“imagine the white hatred this one was steeped in during childhood. the leftist oligarchs are bursting with pride.”

Racism is alive and well in America, and it’s once again being perpetuated by the left.


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