One Quick Sentence is All Tim Allen Needed to Call Out Biden

One Quick Sentence is All Tim Allen Needed to Call Out Biden

Good lord, you would have thought someone literally tried to kill Joe Biden, the way these unhinged, vile and angry liberals have lashed out at Tim Allen for lobbing a pretty tame joke at Biden’s “cognitive issues.” I mean, it’s really not that bad, but these vicious “loving liberals” are now wishing death and a miserable life on the Toy Story actor. So, what did Tim say? Well, he commented on Biden’s recent 60 Minutes appearance and made a very mild “joke” about it. But apparently, he got his point across loud and clear.

Here’s what Tim said “Biden was on 60 minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was.”

I don’t think Tim’s too worried about what a bunch of mouth-foaming liberals has to say. He’s got much bigger fish to fry. TMZ reported that “Toy Story” could be getting a new sequel … because of a mysterious breakfast date. Check out these pics of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen chowing down low-key and somewhat undercover at a somewhat out-of-the-way restaurant in L.A.
They had breakfast at the restaurant inside the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel on the Sunset Strip a few days ago — the pics just surfaced. They were both wearing shades and sitting away from the normies.

Nice. Good for him. I hope that happens!

Anyway, back to the tweet — it’s actually a good joke since most of America thinks Joe Biden isn’t “fit” for office.

Here’s what people online are saying:

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“Wow, so many Dems are literally seething with hate over one little joke” 

“This is why I love Tim Allen!!” 

“Ha ha ha. That joke actually says a lot nowadays, doesn’t it?” 

“So one of his more intelligent questions, huh? lol” 

“Tim Allen trending cause of a joke is all you need to know where we are on the totalitarian scale.”

“Holy crap, so many people are wishing DEATH to Tim Allen for a harmless joke, what the hell is wrong with liberals?” 

“it’s funny how upset people are getting at a bazooka joe caliber joke”

“Tim Allen is trending because everyone is furious at the court jester for making this joke about the king. Punching up is bad again.”

“The insane meltdown over a dad joke is really something to behold. The left is seriously deranged” 

The reason they act like this is because they know Joe Biden is a bumbling buffoon and they are angry that someone with a huge platform is calling it out.

Elites don’t like to be called out and mocked. And right now, mocking Joe, is the same as mocking them…so keep it up!


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