Jaw-Dropping Photos Reveal Mountains of Trash Discarded by Migrants Near Eagle Pass,Texas

Jaw-Dropping Photos Reveal Mountains of Trash Discarded by Migrants Near Eagle Pass,Texas

I came upon this unbelievable tweet. My jaw literally dropped when I saw it, and I really don’t know why I was shocked, I should have figured this was happening, but I didn’t. The tweet is from Fox News National correspondent Bill Melugin, and it reveals the amount of trash that’s being discarded by illegal migrants near Eagle Pass, in Texas. It’s absolutely unreal when you look at these photos. To think this is how people, who are not even coming here legally, treat our country, it’s disgusting.

If they do this before they get here, just imagine how they’ll treat our country after they’re here for a while.

Please be warned, that there is also a photo of a dead migrant in that grouping I didn’t highlight that photo, but if you click on the tweet, you will see it.

Here’s what reporter Bill Melugin said: “WARNING GRAPHIC: There is a massive amount of clothing & trash discarded by migrants at popular crossing areas here in Eagle Pass, including on private property/ranches. @Bluelinemoving1 and his volunteers help clean it up. They recently came across a deceased migrant. @FoxNews”

Here’s a closeup of the photos:



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Americans are very angry about this:

“Nothing says “we respect America” like trashing it upon entry.”

“Impossible. Kamala just told me the border is secure.”

“They’re building a wall of garbage” 

“But I can’t get a freakin plastic straw in my town because you know save the ocean”

“The border is ‘secure’ – Kamala Harris”

“And those that did this are going to be great “citizens”??”

“Coming to a neighborhood near all of us soon.”

Not to diminish this tragedy for all involved, but many major liberal cities in the country look like this already.”

“Diversity is our strength”

“No surprise, when they know to expect Hundreds of Dollars in Pre-Paid Bank and Gift Cards, Free Cellphones Clothing and Lodging Courtesy of Biden All paid with our hard earned Tax Dollars “

That is absolutely disgusting and shows such a lack of respect and personal responsibility, not to mention dignity.

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