10 Year Old Indiana Boy Dies Suddenly In His Mother’s Arms

10 Year Old Indiana Boy Dies Suddenly In His Mother’s Arms

I can’t tell you how sad these stories of young people and children dying suddenly are making me. So, why do I keep covering them? Because something isn’t right, and even though I am not an investigative reporter or a medical professional, I can at least do my part by highlighting what’s going on. Now, are all of these deaths “suspicious?” No. Some young people are dying from overdoses and suicide, and some people are sick. But not everyone. There seems to be something else going on here, and it needs to be looked into.

And not just claims by fact-checkers. I mean, really looked into by investigative eyes.

Life insurance companies are seeing sharp increases in deaths. And Europe is reporting huge increases in deaths among young people.

Politicfact says this about those life insurance deaths:

There is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 vaccines were to blame for any surge in deaths in 2021.

The suggestion that the COVID-19 vaccines might be to blame for the increase in deaths identified by OneAmerica was debunked by the Associated Press and others.

PolitiFact and other fact-checking organizations have repeatedly found that there is no basis for claims that COVID-19 vaccines have caused thousands of deaths.

Research suggests that COVID-19 is responsible for the increase in deaths.

This is the title of the piece:

So, where are the research, data, and investigations? Have there been autopsies on everyone? How can these claims be made in such a blanket form when we’ve not heard of a single media outlet conducting a major investigation?

Because stories about sweet, precious 10-year-old boys suddenly dying in their mother’s arms are not normal. And that’s what I am writing about today. A little boy, who had just fulfilled a magical “football dream” is suddenly gone, just like that. I can’t be the only one that’s noticing this, right? Why isn’t someone with resources and medical education, looking into all of this, to see what’s happening?

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They were racing the young boy to the hospital, and he died. I just can’t even comprehend the pain that poor mother is feeling. My heart is breaking for her.

What a tragedy. Western Journal reported that a 10-year-old Indiana boy died Tuesday just days after fulfilling a dream of playing football under the lights, prompting mourners to come out for a vigil at the field where he played.

Treven Ball of French Lick played for the Spring Valley Schools youth team, according to WAVE-TV.

”It was just four days ago he was running up and down the bleachers,” said Jessica Alexander, a family friend. “It doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to be the same without him on this field.”

Treven Joe Ball, 10, of French Lick, Indiana entered into eternal rest on Tuesday September 13th, 2022 in his mother’s arms on the way to Memorial Hospital in Jasper, Indiana.

He was born in Jasper, Indiana on September 19th, 2011 to Terrin and Holly (Busick) Ball.

Treven was in the 5th grade at Springs Valley Elementary School and a member of Springs Valley Flock. He was a lineman in the Springs Valley Youth League Football and a third baseman and pitcher for Springs Valley All Stars.

He loved playing football, baseball, basketball, hunting, fishing and riding his dirt bike. He was and always will be his brother and sister’s biggest protector. Treven loved to give hugs and had never met a stranger. He was happiest helping others and supporting his friends and teammates.

The family says he was running and having fun one minute, and now he’s just gone.

No cause of death has been released. I hope the parents ask for an autopsy, so they can get answers as to why their precious young son died so suddenly.

I have a problem with someone blaming everything on the COVID vaccine, and I also have a problem with someone never blaming the COVID vaccine. There’s a middle ground here, that’s a much healthier place to be, and we all need to move in that direction. And the first way to do that is with data and an investigation.

I will keep this family in my prayers. It’s just so sad. Rest in peace, little man.

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