[VIDEO] What Would Happen if Trump and Biden Were On “60 Minutes” Together? Well, Watch and See

[VIDEO] What Would Happen if Trump and Biden Were On “60 Minutes” Together? Well, Watch and See

MAGA is filled with such creative people. And one of the very best out there is Maze, and he outdid himself this time. He put President Trump and Biden together on the same “60 Minutes” show and it turned out absolutely brilliant. As you likely know by now, Biden appeared on 60 Minutes recently, for yet another disastrous interview. Once again, Joe claimed that US forces would fight if China invades Taiwan, and the White House had to walk it back later. Typical with Biden, he doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

I don’t know what it is with Joe, but he’s really eager to start WW3.

He also went on to declare the pandemic is over. Really? Cool… But then later Dr. Frankenstein Fauci crawled out of whatever hole he’s been in and said it’s not over and then told us what Joe Biden really meant to say. That’s another thing that happens all the time. The media also likes to tell us what Joe “really meant to say.”

If Joe Biden really means to say so many things, why doesn’t he just say it the right way the first time?

We know why… He can’t.

He was also asked about poll after poll showing that Americans don’t think he’s mentally fit for office, and Joe basically said that’s hogwash and then told Americans to “watch him.” I mean, honestly, the reason Americans think Joe needs a nursing home is because they actually have “watched him” in action and they’re horrified.

It’s elder abuse. 

He also thinks inflation is no big deal, and the cruddy economy is great.

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So, that was Biden’s 60 Minutes… but Trump supporter Maze wondered what it’d be like to have President Trump and Biden together on the same 60 Minutes… it’d be interesting that’s for sure… and now you can see it.

You can watch the video below:

That was amazing. I urge you to follow Maze on Twitter here.

And check out his page and all the other amazing videos he has.

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