[VIDEO] Compare Trump and Biden On The World Stage… You Seriously Won’t Believe Your Eyes

[VIDEO] Compare Trump and Biden On The World Stage… You Seriously Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Joe Biden spoke at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, and as you can imagine it was a total disaster. When his speech was over, he couldn’t find his way off the stage. And I know we’ve seen Joe get lost on a 6-foot stage before, but this time it was particularly bad. At one point, the announcer’s voice came on, and I swear, it looked like Joe got confused and thought the announcer on the overhead speaker was standing at the podium and he tried to engage with “him.” It was a total mess.

And when you look at how Joe looked, and spoke, and behaved at the General Assembly compared to what President Trump looked like, it’s literally night and day. It’s actually such a drastic difference, it’s like we’re in a totally different galaxy. It really shows how far we’ve fallen and what a mess we’re in.

It also shows how much this senile buffoon has declined in just two short years. He’s always been a pudding brain, but it’s gotten a helluva lot worse, hasn’t it?

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

It’s shocking. You don’t think about how bad Joe really is until you see this type of comparison. My God, America deserves so much better than this frail, confused geezer.

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