[VIDEO] Trump’s Entrance Into This Massive PA Rally Represents The TRUE “Soul Of The Nation”

[VIDEO] Trump’s Entrance Into This Massive PA Rally Represents The TRUE “Soul Of The Nation”

President Trump rode into Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania, and literally lit that town on fire. He held a rally for Dr. Oz and Doug Mastriano, and the energy and the excitement were off the charts. But it was Trump’s walk-on, onto the stage that was truly amazing. Trump’s most loyal friend Dan Scavino filmed this moment, and we’re so happy he did. It was magical. And with all this talk about the “Soul of the Nation,” lately, I think this moment better represents who and what America is over Joe Biden’s dark and demonic Hitler speech.

What do you think?

You can watch the video below:

Compare what you just watched to this lovely demonic blood red image:


Joe Biden has always represented the dark side. Who can forget his “Dark Winter of Death and Illness” that he vowed would engulf all dirty-rotten unvaccinated Americans? Meanwhile, I am unvaxxed and fine, but Joe Biden battled COVID for a couple of months. There is nothing bright and hopeful about this demented old man. He’s peddling a communist agenda, with tyrannical COVID rules that will now morph into tyrannical Climate Change rules.

The stark contrast of what MAGA and America First offers, versus this “Fourth Reich” garbage Biden and the Dems are offering has never been more clear.

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And I think this chant from the rally crowd says it all, don’t you?

Listen to the crowd chant, “We Want Trump!”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Look at all those “MAGA Extremists”, loving their country.”

“Wooow..this is real leader of America”

“This is what they’re raiding his house and trying to stop him”Ā 

“Looks like an amazing and really positive atmosphere.”Ā 

“This is the America that I love. Not that dark weird thing Joe was doing”Ā 

“Joe Biden couldnā€™t fill a shoe box.”

“It’s beautiful. But lest we forget, huge crowds and record turnouts weren’t enough to overcome the ballot shenanigans. It can’t be allowed to happen again!”

“The true president!”

“Look at this crowd and imagine what campaign season is going to be like. It will be historic. We will have suffered another year of the Biden regime and people will be crawling out of the woodwork to support Trump. They havenā€™t invented the word yet for that kind of MAGA.”

Democrats and the GOP establishment were probably watching that rally last night, shaking in their commie boots.

What’s coming next?

Probably charging Trump with crimes. They’ll do anything to stop him.

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