Wayne Dupree Responds To This Dark Moment in History With One Bone-Chilling Quote About Biden’s Speech 

Wayne Dupree Responds To This Dark Moment in History With One Bone-Chilling Quote About Biden’s Speech 

As most of you know, I am online 24/7. I am always poking around looking for interesting things to show you. Things you won’t see anywhere else. Well, today, I found something so brilliant, and it was sitting right under my nose the entire time. As you can imagine, there are a lot of comments, memes, and videos about Joe Biden’s dark and ugly primetime speech last night. Biden, who once promised to “unify the country” and bring back the “soul of the nation,” is now demonizing, vilifying, and targeting half the country because they don’t believe the same way he does.

Can you feel the unity? 🥴

Last night, the Handlers dusted off Joe and plopped him onto Airforce One, then whisked him off to Pennsylvania, where he delivered a speech that literally looked like a combination of something straight out of Hitler’s Third Reich and the 7th layer of hell.

They had Joe bathed in this creepy “blood red” demonic glow, and darkness was all around him… behind him were two shadowy flags, flanked by Marines, which really gave it that “Hitler” vibe.

I am not kidding, when I say it literally looked like Joe Biden delivering a Hitler speech from the bowels of hell.

You’ve gotta wonder what his Handlers are thinking with these horrific optics. Here you have this dementia-riddled old man shuffling around evoking “fascism” and “Nazi” references about his political enemies, and then he gives a speech, where the only thing missing is a creepy little square mustache. It’s unreal how bad his team is at this.

I have seen so many tweets and statements on that speech, and everyone is really on-point, showcasing how divisive and hateful Joe was, but I gotta say, this tweet I saw from Wayne, was probably my favorite — and no, not because he’s my boss. I truly believe it was so powerful. The quote Wayne choose just spoke to this very dark moment in our nation’s history.

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Here’s what Wayne said: “From the eternal sea he rises, / Creating armies on either shore, / Turning man against his brother / ‘Til man exists no more.”

Do you recognize the words? It’s a quote from the movie “The Omen.” How fitting, right?

Wayne gets it. We’re in a spiritual battle right now… going up against some of the darkest forces ever. I never thought our government could look and feel this demonic. Can you imagine if President Trump spoke this way about Democrat voters? He’d be rode outta town on a rail.

But somehow, when Biden does it, it’s “healing” and “what the nation needs.” This is the type of crap his (few) supporters are saying.


That’s nonsense. Those are words from white liberal political elites, who’ve been suffering from Stage 5 TDS for 6+ years now. These people are completely out of touch with the average Americans and live in an insulated political beltway bubble where everyone thinks and feels how they do. This is who Biden is playing to. These Godless academics and journalists who believe any show of US patriotism is “fascist.”

The only way we beat this divisive anti-American evil is to come together and create our own unity, and push forward and vote our asses off (excuses my French) in November. There’s no sitting out, folks.

Not this time.

Listen to the wise words of conservative lawyer Will Chamberlain: “Last night was a clarifying moment The current President thinks his political opposition – half the country – are domestic terrorists That’s you So if you were thinking about sitting out the elections, don’t, vote R up and down the ticket”

Do your duty and fight this dark force of communism and godless hate.

Don’t sit out and let others fight the war for you. Suit up, because your one vote is needed, more than ever, my friends.

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