[VIDEO] Many People Suspicious Over Reporter’s Very Dramatic Weather Channel Hurricane Footage

[VIDEO] Many People Suspicious Over Reporter’s Very Dramatic Weather Channel Hurricane Footage

There’s some suspicion floating around about a recent Weather Channel report from Florida, where a reporter is getting tossed around like a rag doll and appears to be getting beat up something fierce while trying to report on Hurricane Ian. Now, in this case, I don’t know if I’d say this reporter is “faking it.” but I do understand why people are very suspicious of the Weather Channel. After all, they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to honest reporting, do they?

It’s a really sad day when even the Weather Channel is accused of fake news. But they have a bad reputation for fudging the weather. Remember the time they were busted for acting the fool during Hurricane Florence in Wilmington, NC? You can see the reporter standing on a small patch of grass, he’s got his legs spread far apart, so he can hold himself up. He looks to be struggling big time, as he tries to stand upright against the heavy winds… and then something happens. If you look in the background of the video, you can see two guys walking past, with absolutely no problem whatsoever. The wind is barely flapping their shorts. They’re literally strolling along, chatting, as if nothing is out of the ordinary…

Quite a stark contrast from the Weather Channel reporter, who looks as if he’s about to go meet his maker.


The weather channel reacted to this story and said the reason the two guys were so steady on their feet was that they were walking on pavement, and their reporter was so unsteady because he was on grass.

Okay… sure bet, guys. Good Lord.

Now, this is the Weather Channel reporter from Florida yesterday, and people find it odd that his microphone is working perfectly in this horrific storm. They’re also wondering why a man of his size (standing on pavement lol) is being tossed around so easily.

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“These morons who report “on scene” not only endanger themselves but their camera crew and the first responders there to protect them! Trying to make a name for themselves, like that idiot Rivera on Fox.”

“Everybody here is trashing the guy but I’m entertained!”

“They preach to get away and not go outside, and then they go do the opposite. They deserve to be hurt.”

“Who cares? He’s trying to make this about him and it’s not. Praying for all the folks in FL that have been affected by the storm. They need our love and support not some loser on the weather channel.”

“Even if this idiot got hit with a piece Common Sense debris it wouldn’t have done any good.”

“He could go stand in the middle of I-95, there are large metal objects weighing thousands of pounds hurling by hundreds of times each minute. Him standing in the middle of THAT would really show how frightening it is. Idiot.” 

“One of these days he is going to take a street sign to the head on live TV.”

“What’s the point of endangering yourself like that? So millions of people can see you get swept away? Simply not necessary.”

“I saw this drama queen making an ass of himself doing cartwheels on camera because he heard ‘snow thunder’ during a big snow storm a few years back.”

“Is it wrong to want big red stop sign to fly into him at 100 mph?”

“This douche is the weather version of fake news. He’s persona no grata in the emergency response centers across the Florida panhandle for the unnecessary panic his bogus and often contradictory reporting has caused over the years.”

“I love how little branches are being barely blown around in the background, but my goodness, a 195-pound man cant muster the wind speeds. JUST SAYIN!”

“Someone pulled a prank on him and jacked up the wind machine to 40.”

“His mic has the best wind protection I have ever heard in use. Crystal clear audio in extreme conditions.”

“There is nothing that shouts louder how idiotic our society is then these weather men standing in hurricane winds on camera. When are we going to get passed this type of asinine behavior and actually start solving our severe problems?”

“will CNN put boats in puddles and claim racism?”

“I was in Myrtle beach during Hurricane Bonnie. The local news crew was doing a report the Hurricane at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion which is ocean front, the reporter was “holding on for dear life” to a column and going on and on about how bad it was when a man in board shorts walked by on the sand about 20 feet behind him and stood there and stared at him.. beach shorts not moving.. they changed he camera angle…these stupid panic shots were so ridiculous then and unnecessary still now”

I think Hurricane Ian is as bad as they say it is, and this was likely a legit report, for the most part. But I wouldn’t be surprised if some “dramatic license” was taken here and there.

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