WH Attempts To Defend Biden’s Attacks On Republicans Continue To Fail

WH Attempts To Defend Biden’s Attacks On Republicans Continue To Fail

Tuesday, the White House made an effort to explain and retract President Joe Biden’s repeated criticism of Republicans who backed the late President Donald Trump.

When he discussed MAGA Republicans, Ultra MAGA Republicans, he was quite explicit. During the daily briefing on Tuesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre remarked, “He’s talked about the leadership in the Republican Party.

Michael Shear of the New York Times asked Jean-Pierre to respond to a statement made by the president on social media that not all congressional Republicans were “MAGA Republicans.”

The president, according to Jean-Pierre, was only referring to a few of the Republican Party’s top figures. “The Republican Party has leaders who are pushing an incredibly radical agenda. That is what he is saying, she continued.

Jean-Pierre refuted remarks she made the previous week in which she stated that both Trump followers and Republican Party leaders were a threat to democracy.

She told reporters at the daily briefing on Wednesday, “Let me be very clear, it’s not only Republican leadership, it’s not just that blanket right?” He is referring to an extreme element, an extremist element of the party.

Trump supporters, according to Jean-Pierre, were part of a “bucket” of individuals who represented a threat to democracy.

She continued, “You know, we need to say something when you are backing an authoritarian figure, as we have seen, who is leading, now leading, the former president, and um stating and encouraging the violence that you are or wanting to steal our freedoms.”

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In his speech on Thursday, Biden criticized every Trump supporter and urged his followers to take action to stop the “MAGA Republicans.”

“There is no doubt that Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans are dominating, driving, and intimidating the Republican Party today, and that is a menace to this country,” he declared.

The day after receiving criticism for his highly politicized address, Biden attempted to retract his remarks. He remarked on Friday at the White House, “I don’t consider any Trump fan a threat to the country. However, Biden persisted in denouncing the “MAGA Republicans” during his Labor Day speeches in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Who the new MAGA Republicans are is obvious. In Pennsylvania, he said, “They’re severe. And there is a real threat to democracy.

The president even referred to a heckler who attempted to cut off his address on Monday as a “idiot” who was a danger to democracy. He addressed the heckler, saying, “We have to be stronger, more determined, and more committed to preserve American democracy than the MAGA Republicans and that guy out that door, are undermining democracy.”

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