[VIDEO] Big Changes Coming to “Wheel Of Fortune” as Game Show Enters 40th Year

[VIDEO] Big Changes Coming to “Wheel Of Fortune” as Game Show Enters 40th Year

Well, America’s favorite game show is getting a big facelift, complete with new gameplay, and new technology. That’s right, “Wheel of Fortune” will have a new XL option, and a brand new state-of-the-art puzzleboard, among other new things. TV Line reported that ahead of Wheel of Fortune‘s Season 40 premiere.

To mark Wheel‘s new season, premiering Monday, Sept 12 with hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White, the syndicated game show will unveil a new LED-screen puzzleboard, as well as an “XL Week” of shows that put more prize money at stake than ever before.

Incoming executive producer Bellamie Blackstone said in a statement, “I’m looking forward to celebrating all of the ways this show has become a staple in so many living rooms, but also to help it grow so we see its 50th season and beyond. We have a beautiful new puzzleboard. We’re trying to give away the most money ever offered on the syndicated version of the show. But, more than anything, I want our viewers to continue to enjoy this classic game while adding a few new and interesting twists. We are all looking forward to this being our biggest season ever!

To kick off Season 40, there will be an “XL Week” (representing the Roman numeral of 40, natch). It will feature XL (“Extra Luxurious”) prizes, XL (“Extra Large”) puzzles, and it hopes to be XL (“Extra Lucky)” for contestants and fans.

During “XL Week,” not only will contestants have double their chances to win $1 million (with up to two full $1 Million wedges on the Wheel), but when they bring a $1 million to the bonus round, their chances are doubled because a second $1 Million envelope will be added to the Bonus Wheel.

For the first time since 2003, Wheel of Fortune has given the puzzleboard a makeover. (If you’re an Old like me, you remember the letter board switching from “tap-and-spin!” analog to digital, way, way back in the year 1997.)

Visually during the game, the board is classic Wheel of Fortune, but rather than using 52 individual monitors, the board is now a single, flat LED screen. The surrounding frame is outfitted with two sensors that activate the screen when Vanna’s hand breaks the “plane” in front of the letter.

You can watch the video below:

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I love this. “Wheel of Fortune” is such a tradition in this country, and Pat Sajak is one of the most common-sense people around.

What do you think of these changes and improvements?

Do you like to see the show evolve, or would you rather it stayed traditional?

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