Why Does A Pro-Life Stance Result In Hate?

Why Does A Pro-Life Stance Result In Hate?

A pro-life activist was detained by the FBI early on Friday morning over an altercation with a Planned Parenthood activist in 2021.

According to Mark Houck’s family and friends, a pro-abortion protester harassed and yelled at Houck’s 12-year-old son before being pushed to the ground by Houck. In response, the FBI this weekend dispatched a platoon of agents with guns drawn to arrest Houck at his home, according to reports from Houck’s family and friends.

Even if you believe the FBI’s version of events, the Biden administration still convened a grand jury, obtained an indictment, and accused a man of a federal offense that could result in an 11-year prison sentence because he shoved another man who sustained “injuries… that required medical attention.” Houck is currently facing a federal felony accusation because there is an unusual federal legislation that shields abortionists against demonstrators, sidewalk counselors, and rosary prayers.

Only in a political setting does this make sense. A legal war has been waged against pro-lifers by the Biden administration and the Democratic parties at the state and federal levels, while pro-abortion vigilantes engage in a parallel campaign of arson, vandalism, and harassment.

At a meeting on Thursday, Democratic state attorneys general were addressed by Vice President Kamala Harris. “I visited with several of you in my office at the White House,” she said. And we spoke about the creative tactics you’ve employed to protect women’s right to choose. These “new tactics” what are they? They appear to include the intimidation of rival abortionists. Harris said, “You are taking on, appropriately, the crisis pregnancy centers,” as his first illustration.

Because these charity organizations don’t perform abortions on the newborns who enter their doors, the vice president, who has stated that she treats abortion policy like “a prosecutor,” is putting pressure on state attorneys general to take action against them. According to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), crisis pregnancy clinics should be “shut down.”

On the same day, a crisis pregnancy center outside of Detroit was assaulted twice and had death threats spray-painted on the outside of the building. The Biden administration has said nothing and done nothing about the more than 70 similar attacks that have occurred in recent months. They appear to be okay with the damage, arson, and threats.

But a street fight prompts the FBI to deploy its whole might on one of the two individuals involved? It appears that outlawing pro-life action is part of the Biden administration’s support of abortion.

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Charlene Greenway
2 months ago

Sad what the country has become in the last two years.

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