[VIDEO] This Bar Brawl in Providence Rhode Island Looks Like a “Wild West” Saloon Fight

[VIDEO] This Bar Brawl in Providence Rhode Island Looks Like a “Wild West” Saloon Fight

This bar fight was something straight out of a Hollywood movie. It’s so over the top, that it doesn’t even look real. But it is very real, and now, this bar in Providence, Rhode Island is in danger of losing everything because of it. Boston.com reported that Providence bar is at risk of losing two of its licenses after a fight involving bottles, chairs, and fists broke out Sunday night, The Boston Globe reported.

The video shows a chaotic scene at Mi Sueno Disco Bar. Men and women can be seen hitting each other with chairs and fists, as well as throwing bottles at each other, all across the dance club.

Meanwhile, the lights at the bar are all the way up, music plays over the screaming patrons, and the tables are covered in food, hookahs, and bottles.WJAR reported that 20-year-old Alexander Burgos Cerda, of Providence, was arrested at the bar Sunday night after police found a gun in his fanny pack. Cerda was charged for having a gun without a license and appeared in court Monday, the news station reported.

You can watch the video below:

Other videos from that night show customers helping to clean up the bar after the fight.

The Globe reported that a hearing about the bar is scheduled with the Providence Board of Licenses for Wednesday. The board will discuss incidents on Saturday and Sunday and whether the bar should have its liquor and entertainment licenses suspended, the newspaper wrote.

The Globe reported that a spokesman for the board said there have been reports of music from establishments in the area of the bar that could be felt blocks away.

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WJAR also reported that neighbors say music from the bar is often so loud that it drowns out their TVs. In 2015, GoLocalProv reported that a neighbor filed a noise complaint with the city about the bar.

Mi Sueno Disco has closed voluntarily until Wednesday, the Globe reported.

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